Impact of Modern Technology on Secretarial Practice


This project work examines “The Effects of Modern Technologies on the Development of Secretarial Practice”, as carried out tends to give us a diversified analysis as to the impact of modern technologies.

Modern technologies play alongside the personnels and their functions, since certain amount of allocations is to be given to every aspect of an organizations, it is therefore, necessary in their ways of handling modern technologies to the effect of developing secretarial practice. In the analysis of this project work, it is realized that for the impact in question is to be improved upon to bring about the development of secretarial practice technology and to other effect of organizational development to a greater extent, problems are identified and recommendations given in order to mitigate and arrive at a conclusion that will bring us to a common understanding at the essence of proper technological implementations and maintenance.




The 6th edition of Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary defines Technology as the scientific knowledge uses in practical ways in industry. Therefore, Cooper Smith (2003) commented that, in recent years, the wave of technology investing by Major Corporation has slowed to a trickle, which means that the management and other senior technology managers have to fight harder than ever for gains and responsibility among corporate management. Although, technology has decreased the Chief information officers (CIO’S) role as pivotal to the continued economic survival at most secretarial practice.

In academic environment where technology is booming, other administrative function are done with tends to bring about great academic standards in institutions, as the capacity of lecturers and instruction is facing drastic fall therefore, our involvement in technological activities will create more academic excellence and bring development and stability to secretarial practice.

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