Effective management can be seen as the proper coordination and utilization of all the resources available in order to achieve maximum result within the system. Therefore the problems associated with effective management of public secondary school in Esan West local government area of Edo state is paramount importance. This is because of the development of public secondary school in the area.

Philosophers had it that tomorrow success depends on today’s performance thus a day well lived makes every tomorrow a time of hope. Furthermore, a review of government intention on establishing public secondary school is well reveals that it is the intention of federal state education a common social good received by Nigeria in other words, public secondary schools exist in order to provide an equal educational opportunity and poverty among the people could have not been achieved.

In addition to these human resources if well motivated shall produce for this country the required scientists and technologists who are to the help this nation in different field like banking, industries, agriculture etc. The result of all their aspiration is failure due to the following effective management in public school. Specially in Esan West local government area of Edo state.

The objective of the government as specified by the national policy on education 2004 are as follows.

  1. To increase national consciousness and unity on the citizen.
  2. To inculcate for the survival of the individual and the society at large.
  3. The acquisition of appropriate skills abilities and competence both materials and physical as equipment for the individual to live and contributes to the development of the societies
  4. To train the mind in the understanding for the world around.

A land fall of opportunities for it citizen able to generate a great and dynamic economy and growing into a limited strong and self reliant nation cannot be over emphasized. Hence the study of the public secondary school in Esan West local government area of Edo state and the ascertain the extent to which this is being achieved in order to make fully the potentials of the contribution of public secondary schools in the achievement of the objective of the national policy on education, all other agencies will operate hand in hand

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