Since the inception of human being, no human being come into existence fully developed with all the necessary faculties and systems that enhance adaptation. Rather, people come into existence and experience several phases of development. One of the phases of such development is the adolescent phase. According to Weiten (2012) adolescent is a transition phase between childhood and adulthood. It is one of the major critical and most delicate phases of the human development because it is at this phase that the socialization of the individual person takes place. According to Ebenebe (2007), it is the phase a girl child learns how to be daughters, sisters, friends, wives and mothers. In addition, she learns the occupational roles that the society has in stock for her. The same is applicable to the male child. Apart from the role play, it is also the phase when adolescents imbibe the norms of the society where they find themselves. It is also the phase when attitudes, skills, values, norms and culture of the given society are learnt. According to Okudo (2013), it is a phase when business teacher can acculturate all socialization processes into a child which are basically achieved through education. According to Moorhead, Johnson & Swanson, (2008).Psychosocial adjustment is the adaptive response to a substantial life changes by an individual either an adolescent or an adult stage.