An Investigative Study of the Causes and Effects of Early Motherhood in Nigeria

An Investigative Study of the Causes and Effects of Early Motherhood in Nigeria (A Case Study of Ejigbo Osun State)


The purpose of this study was to investigate the causes and problems of early motherhood in Ejigbo metropolis, Osun State. Related literature were reviewed in the concept of early motherhood, factors leading to early motherhood, problems associated with early motherhood together with summary of review of literature. The population used consisted of 200 respondents. A self designed questionnaire was used to collect information on the study which was well validated and tested reliability. The analysis of the result was done by the use of percentage and chi-square (X2). The result of analysis revealed that: lack of marriage counseling, financial status, lack of knowledge of sex education, inadequate parental care are the major causes of early motherhood. It was also shown that early motherhood lead to females drop out of school, series of health problems for teen mothers and their children. Based upon the findings some recommendations were made, Viz:

The parent, school counselor and other staff should assist the teenagers to know the adverse consequences of going into marriage at a very tender age. Government should provide jobs and fund to the citizen to avoid going to early motherhood. More emphasis should be placed on sexuality and family education. To achieve this, sexuality and family life education should be integrated into the present school curriculum of primary and secondary schools. The course content to be taught should be drawn from biological sciences, social and psychological programmes with emphasis on growth and development. Parents should see themselves as appropriate agents to sex socialization in home. The introduction of sexuality education should be done at home during upbringing of children. Facts about family life and morality should not be ignored, especially live and fact about reproduction. Government should provide adequate care and services to females, especially teenage ones, who are suffering a share of social, economic, obstetrical, gynecological and emotional problems.

Government should provide equipment and facilities in the various hospital in order to make the doctors, nurses render adequate care and services to the teenagers from the both short term and permanent health problem.

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