Teaching Your Kids the Value of Charity

By Mabel Ekperen

The concept of giving back is one of the most important principles you can educate your kids on as they get older.

There are many ways to be generous and give back, ranging from simple acts of charity to offering your funds and resources.

What It Means To Give Back

Understanding what it takes to give as an individual and then transferring that information to the children in your care is the first phase in educating kids regarding giving.

Giving back is often defined as spending your time and attention on underprivileged communities than you, without being compelled or required by law to do so as well as of your own volition.

Another crucial aspect of giving back is to recognize that, while money helps many populations, it isn’t the only thing that can be given. Giving back entails more than just financial assistance; it also entails figuring out how to best serve a group or nonprofit of your choice.

Core Values

The following ideas are crucial when examining the basic tenets of giving back:

Empathy- is the ability to share and comprehend the feelings of another.

Philanthropy is defined as the act of showing compassion to others. Acknowledgment- Recognize the presence and experiences of individuals who are not like you.

Each of these three basic principles works together to express and explain why giving back is so important. With that in mind, talking about these key principles with your young child is a terrific way to start teaching them about what it implies to be kind to others.

Ways to Help Others

You can clarify the various ways to give back once your youngster understands what it means to give back. Here are a few of the most effective tactics to get active in your vicinity.


Volunteering is perhaps one of the initial factors that come to mind when it comes to giving back, and for an excellent purpose because helping others without expecting anything in return boosts morale.

Also, providing unpaid assistance has benefited populations for decades, and it is certainly one of the most effective ways to become engaged by donating your time and talents. Giving back to society is a vital concept and discipline for youngsters, whether it’s at a local shelter or a philanthropic organization.

Volunteering possibilities vary based on where you choose to offer your time; nevertheless, once you’ve decided where your child would want to volunteer, contact the organization to learn more about how and when to get started.

Making Donations

Apart from contributing your time, you and your kid can contribute a variety of different items to your neighborhood. Gifting belongings you no longer use or just have more than enough of, such as toys or a spare Holiday or birthday present, are awesome ways to clear out the junk in your home while also helping others in need.

Compassion in Small Measures

Although serving and donating take more time and need the possession of objects to donate, simple acts of charity can be performed by all and sundry. With that stated, here are some ways to give back through little kindness and generosity.

When you notice people in distress, offer assistance, hold the door open for a visitor, share a smile, and donate any leftovers to someone in need. Whatever method you use to help others through a little act of compassion, know that it all counts and may certainly improve someone’s life.

Serve As An Example to Others

Very importantly, when it involves giving back, live an exemplary life for your kids to emulate. Experiencing it is the best way for your children to understand it.

While conveying the significance is critical, serving as a moral compass and demonstrating various ways to assist others is also essential. In fact, by doing so, they will better understand the ramifications of giving back and the joy it brings to others.

So think about that next time you pay for someone’s lunch or go out of your way to get the door for someone, your child is constantly learning.

Begin Right Now

Whatever method you employ to explain the concept of giving back to your kids, you can be sure that the advantages of helping and the values they acquire as youngsters will stay with them for their entire lives.

Giving back is going the extra mile ourselves to help those that are less privileged, and there is no greater moment than now to instill this essential value in your children, a lifetime of benevolence and life-changing experiences await them.