Les Difficultés Phonètiques Des Fracisants Gworog


Les Difficultés Phonètiques Des Fracisants Gworog


This work titled “Les difficultés phonètiques des francisants Gworog” is an attempt to identify the difficulties that a Gworog student learning French language is likely to encounter while learning the French language in the area of sounds. In comparing the sound systems of these two languages, French and Gworog, we found out that there are differences in the constitution of the sound systems of both languages. We also found out that the problem of articulation of French sounds that do not exist in Gworog language is the major cause of these difficulties; as well as the transfer of the language habits of the Gworog language while learning French. Therefore, the objective of this work is to identify these difficult French phonemes, as well as to find the reasons behind these difficulties with the sole intention to remedy them.

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