International Relations Research Project Topics

International Relations research materials

S/NProject Topics
1.The Impact of Global Legalization of Prostitution on Human Trafficking
2.The Doomsday Clock: Its History and Relevance
3.The Effects of the First Man Mission to Mars on Global Economics
4.Holy Wars in the Modern World
5.The Rise of a New World Power: A Case Study of China
6.Cyberwars: The new form of Warfare
7.The Role of Private Companies in Global Hunger: Cause and Reprieve
8The Role of Private Companies in Pollution: Cause and Reprieve
9.The Effect of Social Media on Global Politics
10.The Phenomenon Flash mobs: New Age Protesting?
11.The Phenomenon of Online Petitions
12.The Effects of the Amazon Fire on Global Economy
13.African Third World Countries and their effects on the African Economy
14.The Effects and Global Consequences of Brexit: Will it Actually Happen?
15.Why Countries are Returning American’s Trash: The Woes of Poor Recycling