List of Microbiology Research Project Topics (15 New)

Microbiology Research Project Topics

Microbiology is the study of microscopic organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi and protozoa. This discipline includes fundamental research on the biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, ecology, evolution and clinical aspects of microorganisms, including the host response to these agents.

S/N Microbiology Research Project Topics
1. Understanding Mycobacterium tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance in specific people groups
2. Evaluating the challenges of Public Health in Under-Developed Countries (A case study the emergence of Antibiotic-Resistant TBB)
3. Evaluating the Antigenic Shift and Drift of influenza virus and its genetic implications
4. A Study of the Effects of Climate Change on Global Disease distribution.
5. Developing pathogen identification methods to improve food safety in Under-Developed Countries.
6. Evaluating the role of bacteriocins in Food Safety.
7. What are Good Bacteria? Evaluating beneficial bacteria in the human body and environment
8. Evaluating the development of Lyme disease research in the past decade (2009 to 2019)
9. Developing Disease Detection Devices using Bio-Robotics. (What has been done and what can be done).
10. The Science behind Brain Implants.
11. Evaluating the Emergence and Re-Emergence of infectious diseases in the past decade (2009 to 2019)
12. Evaluating the Emergence of Zoonotic Disease in the past decade (A case study of Microsporidiosis)
13. Evaluating the numbers in antimicrobial resistance in the past decade (2009 to 2019)
14. Understanding Genetic Predisposition of Specific People Groups to Cancer (A case study of breast cancer in African women)
15. Developing Cardiac Disease Treatment routines using Catheter-Based Tissue Heating.
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