Spray substance are used to make home grnow powered substance whose particles are usually spherical in shape and approximately 10-40 micro s.
The maintenance of pilot plant spray dryer was stated with observation of the faults in the spray dryer.
The faulty components were dismantled, serviced and the faulty parts maintained in order to increase it’s life span.


Introduction Chapter one
Literature review Chapter two
Maintenance procedure Chapter three
Conclusion and recommendations Chapter four

A spray dryer is a complex instrument with different component. In most developed countries the presence of sophisticated spray dryer enhance the production of various plant which are in demand by developing countries.
Spray dryers are used to make homogenous powered substance whose particles are usually spherical in shape and approximately 10-140 micros. A spray dryer is used in chemical and foods processing to manufacture dried egges powdered milk, animals feed, cake mixes citrus juices, coffes cornyrup, cream, cramers, fish concentrate, infant formulas, potatoes shortening, starch derivatives, tea, tomato, pure, yeast and yogurt.
The spray drying process being as preheated solution is pumped to the atomizer. The atomizen increase the surface area of the solution by creating a fine mist. The mist is sprayed into a chamber of air heated to a temperature above the vapourizalion temperature of the solutions solvent. As the mist contacts the hot air, the sovent (typically water) vapourizes.
The rate of soluent vapourization is dependent upon the solution flow rate, temperature of solution, flow rate of air temperature of air, size of the mist droplet, and total solid concentration.
The vaporized solution and drive particles are then removed from the chamber. A cyclone separates the entrained particles from the humid air. The dry particles are force to the bottom of the cyclone separator and the air is expelled to the atmosphere or goes to a scrubber.

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