Marketing Concept And The Satisfaction Of Consumer Needs: The Nigerian Consumers Experience


The paper examined the Nigerian experience as regards the use of marketing concept ideals and the satisfaction of the needs of target customers of the needs of the target customers. The objectives of the paper includes; to examine the relationship between marketing concept and satisfaction of customer needs, to establish the influence of product quality on competitors’ market policies amongst others. Findings revealed that there is strong relationship between the use of marketing concept and consumers’ satisfaction, a company product quality has influence on competitors’ company policies, amongst others. The paper recommends that organization should strive to satisfy their customers.

Keywords: Customer, Satisfaction, Needs, Marketing, Advertising


Marketing Concept’s focus on the need to understand the future customers just before designing and manufacturing a product or service for them. With the customer’s wants and needs incorporated into the design and manufacture of the product, sales and profit goals are far would be met. Customer’s satisfaction is key to the organization, the need to understand the customer is highly important. Marketing research techniques was bought about just for that purpose. Smaller companies can be able to keep a close relationship with them but imply talking with them. While larger organizations have set up strategies in place in order to be able keep in close touch with their customers, be it through focus groups, or even third-party research studies. Whatever the strategy, the goal is to know the customers so that organization can better serve their customers and not lose focus of their needs and wants. The marketing concept, as defined in the marketing literature, is of the view that for success in any organization solely depends on first determining the needs of the target market and delivering satisfaction to the target markets more efficiently and effectively than competitors do (Kimerey & Rinehart, 1998).

The marketing concept can be seen as a guide to ensure the satisfaction of customer needs and wants. The marketing concept is based on the principle that individuals who do not have a need or desire for the products which the firm is selling will simply not purchase it. Ibidunni O.S (2012) marketing concept is the management orientation that holds the key in achieving organizational goals.. Peter and Donnelly (2004) holds that the concept of marketing means that organizations should try as much as possible to strive to be profitable by serving the needs of customers. Kotler and Keller (2009) argue that marketing is often known to be “the art of just selling products, and the truth is that many people are shocked to find out that selling is just the tip of the marketing iceberg. According to pioneer management theorist Peter Drucker stated that marketing should make selling superfluous by understanding consumer needs very well that the product can be made.

Marketing concept and philosophy states that the organization should always strive to create satisfaction for its customers’ wants and needs while also meeting the different organization’s goals. It should be noted that meeting organizational goals can best achieved by meeting the customer’s needs and wants. The core of the marketing concept is the enterprises’ dependency on the identification of the needs of the customers and satisfaction of its customers. The customer will become the focal point for company functions such as planning, strategic setting research problem development as well as marketing activities.

The traditional marketing concept holds that an organization should enhance long-term customer satisfaction through a co-ordinate set of activities that also allows the organization to satisfy its profit goal. The implications are clear; long-term relationships with customers is desired by any organization, profit making instead of short-term exchanges is emphasized, and co-ordination will signify long-term relationships with both internal and external stakeholders especially customers. The product service system (PSS) concept is known as path way to help contribute to this system level improvement (Goedkoop, van Helen et al. 1999; Mont2000).

Advertising a product or service must be targeted at motivating the interest of the target market, as it creates a desire for the product or service. For example, some advertisement raws attention, but some seconds afterwards, the product or service is forgotten. Great advertisement would always keep products in the minds of the target consumer. Also, advertising budget must also be in mind while selecting a marketing concept that should be adopted. When firms first begin to adopt the marketing concept, they always set up separate marketing departments whose goal is to satisfy customer needs and desires. Interestingly some of these departments include sales departments with additional responsibilities. While this sales department can be found in some organizations today, many other organizations have structured themselves to becoming marketing organizations having a company-focus on customers. Since the entire organization aim is for the satisfaction of customer needs and wants, other departments in the organization cannot abandon any customer issue by declaring it as a marketing department problem. This involves the contribution of every personnel in the organization to be concerned with the satisfaction of customer needs and wants. The marketing concept relies on marketing research so as to be able to define market segments. To satisfy those needs in the market segments, the marketing department makes decisions about the controllable parameters of the marketing mix.


Market concept is an orientation that emphasizes on the need to achieving organizational goals is in first understanding the needs and wants of target markets and then adapting itself to delivering the product or service satisfactory, more efficiently and effectively than its competitors. It has being noticed that consumer needs are numerous and cannot be easily satisfied. This problem is to find out the influence of marketing concept on human needs, in what ways can marketing concept be used, in order to solve human needs and what are consumers perception of marketing concept in meeting their needs?


The broad objective of the study is to know the impact of marketing concept and satisfaction of consumer, specifically the objective include:
(i) To examine the relationship between marketing concept and satisfaction of consumer needs.
(ii) To examine the extent to which customer income affect marketing objectives.
(iii) To establish the influence of the product quality on the policy of the competitors.


The following hypotheses which are stated in the null form are formulated for the purpose of the study:
(i) There is no relationship between marketing concept and satisfying consumer.
(ii) Consumer income does not affect marketing objectives.
(iii) Product quality does not influence the policy of the competitors.