Product display has been of immense value to a retail shops especially in the fast food industries. This is just and simply the exhibition of products or goods in a place where people can see it easily and be attracted. Displaying of the products in the shelves, show cases, and counters exhibition the products to the customers, even when customers don’t buy them.As competition between business geared. It became imperative to turn attention to customers needs and wants. The key to achieving organizational goals consists in determining the desired satisfaction more effectively and efficiently than competitors by displaying the products properly, that is according to their series, brands, colours, shape etc in the shelves, show vase and counters.Product display attracts customers attention and paints colour to the organizational set up. It is based on customers ease of selection between variables because the management of an organizations recognizes customers as “King” thereby packaging and displaying these needs and wants. An organization will make more money of it satisfies customers needs and wants better than competitors and the way products are displayed, arranged and labeled shows that the management is customer and market oriented. The types of shelves, show case and counter used, their method of arrangement etc goes along way to sending message across to the customers. A well trained sales force or sales team managing these shops ministers more and help the customers to sort, identity and select from the displayed goods, the brand, colour, size etc needed.Most of the organization or companies do not embrace proper product display that some use obscure show case, displaying in a dark room or corner, without a brought light, not arranging the products in order of their sizes, shapes, colours, brand etc. these factors many lead to sales decline, slow growth and changing of bringing pattern by customers.As interesting and entirely logical result of the product display relates to the purpose of business which is to obtain and serve customers satisfactorily and give products or create good impression to the products. It is also equivalent to giving publicity to the products. This playing product is one thing and displaying them where customers will easily glance and have deeper looks in another thing. Without a total commitment on the part of the company as a whole, these application technique can only have limited and brief effects.

The emergence of fast food industries in Nigeria is as a result of dynamically continuous innovation. The existence of product display can be traced back during the burliest stage of production. The activities of the fast food industries, the back stage and front stage, the extra services accompanying product offer, the different method or techniques of product displaying are resulted from continuous discontinuity and dynamics in environment. Therefore only the companies that displayed well, their packaged needs and wants of customers that can effectively and efficiently satisfy customers because a satisfied customer is a retained customer. Product display is a pre-requisite for successful high sales and promotion to the company.

It is a positive problem based on maintenance and improvement fast food and pastries are pure goods accompanied by services. The quality of these products and services and their display techniques have attracted commendation. The customers ranging from the parents to the bankers, students, kids etc who are patronizing commended also. The products display areas have been improved and should be maintained and also hobble to modifications and dynamically innovative due to rapid changes in environmental and sowed life style. There is need for proper checks and maintenance in these display techniques and the quality of these products.

Does a particular display technique or method used by Chutis Pastries affect consumer’s buying attitudes?How has display been able to fulfill its basic functions in sales promotions?Does display of fast foods, bread and other pastries help in the sales of other products?What possible effects has other promotions mix strategies other than display have on the sales of fast food, pastries and other products?Does product display help in improving the products and company’s image?

To what extent has the kind of display employed by Chitus helped to increase sales?

The study will help the management to know the areas where there is need for improvement in the product display and the company’s management in general.The study will equally and adequately marshal out ways through which such improvements could be accomplished.

The study will also reveal the problems that Chitus Management encounter as a result of intense competition from other fast food restaurant and bakery industries.

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDYTo find out how far the techniques applied by Chitus have been helping the customers sort their products needed.To detect how best to improve, the techniques and modernize the display tools.

To know why the Management decide on those display techniques.

As a result of time constraints, this research work is restricted to New Heaven and Ebeano Housing branches.Also the researcher incorporated financially to cover all the branches and outlets.Moreso, line was not friendly due to the facts that there are other academic problems to attend to like, quizzes assignment and term paper.Furthermore lack of export knowledge in data analysis contributed in limiting this research work.

The negative attitude of some respondent, who thought the information was not actually for academic exercise but for a way of over-reminding them in business.

DEFINITION OF TERMS PASTRIES Using are items of food made entirely with a mixture of flour, fat and water which is baked and used as a base or covering for pies.

FAST FOOD: Food that can be worked easily, and is sold by restaurant to be eaten quickly or taken away.

DISPLAY: To put something in a place where people can see it easily.PRODUCT: A product is something, that is viewed as being capable of satisfying needs and wants.COMPETITION: Trying to win something by defeating others who are trying to do the same.

CONTINUOUS DISCONTINUITY: The continuous dynamic changing world economic situation.

TARGET MARKET: Are the people whom the marketer or company is directing their products and services to.

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