Micro-Controller Based Industrial Motor Speed Control


Micro-Controller Based Industrial Motor Speed Control


The main of this project work is to carry on a detail research and design construction, development, control and evaluation of a microcontroller base industrial motor speed control, which main and chief control is the AT89S52 microcontroller unit that is introduced here as “intelligent technology” using the pulse width modulation (PWM) controlling principle to the control of speed in an industrial motor in co-operating with analogue circuit and output digital display. Indicates the lowest to the highest speed clapping by Clapping or SPO to SP5. This project presented to technological way out tomorrow by the usage of microcontroller industrial motor speed control, which will be of great benefit to industrial motor speed stimulation and control. The microcontroller base Industrial motor speed control programmes that monitors through pulse width modulation (PWM) which automatically switches the speed to low and high through controller drivers and the motor.

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