Multicore Specification Generation System


Performance analysis is the task of monitoring the behaviour of a program execution. The main goal is to find out the possible adjustments that might be done in order to improve the performance of the computer system in use. To be able to get that improvement, it is necessary to find the different causes/contributors of overhead. Today, we are already in the multicore era, but there is a gap between the level of development of the two main divisions of multicourse technology (hardware and software). This project is focused on the issues concerning performance analysis, tuning of applications running specifically in a shared memory system and development of application that automatically extract system characteristics and configurations. This application is developed using OODM and implemented using C# programming language and can be used on any windows Operating System. The application developed from this project critically analyses multicore system, determine various causes of overhead in multicore environment, extracts system parameters and present various optimization strategies.

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