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Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition were introduced

Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition were introduced
01 March 2023

    Xiaomi introduced mixed reality glasses with the complicated name of Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition. This is a competitor to the future glasses from Cupertino.


    The company showed a video in which they talked about the possibilities of accessories. Glasses can be synchronized with a smartphone by simply touching the bracket (NFC technology). Then a virtual desktop with applications appears before the user's eyes. Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery EditionWhat you can do with Wireless AR Glass:

    • Flip through the feeds of social networks;
    • Watch movies on a virtual screen;
    • Work in a browser;
    • Work with applications in window format;
    • Control your smart home – the control panel will appear when you look at the device, for example, on a smart lamp;
    • Display “quick” information (weather, time, navigator);
    • Take pictures – there are built-in cameras;
    • Change the transparency of the lenses (from transparent to sun protective);
    • Switch between virtual and real worlds.

    What is known about them

    The glasses are made of carbon fiber and magnesium-lithium alloy. The glasses received three cameras: two on the sides and one in the middle. On the brackets of the device there are touch panels for control. Let's be more specific, control of applications inside VR takes place due to hand gestures. Xiaomi Wireless AR Glass Discovery EditionThere are miniature OLED screens with a projection mechanism under the glass. According to the manufacturer, the brightness of the displays is 1200 nits. It is unclear whether such brightness will somehow affect human vision. According to the published photos and videos, it is clear that the glasses are not very compact and look bulky. Perhaps this will become a key disadvantage of the accessory during the start of sales.

    The second disadvantage: the glasses cannot be folded. Xiaomi is still keeping the price and specifications of the Wireless AR Glass Discovery Edition a secret. Maybe, they will go on sale earlier than the “apple” analogue, which is expected to be released in the summer of 2023.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    AR glasses (Augmented Reality Glasses) are devices that use augmented reality (AR) technology to create three-dimensional real-time visual images inside the glass of the glasses. Some advantages and disadvantages of AR glasses are. Xiaomi AR GlassesAdvantages:

    • User experience enrichment: AR-glasses can provide additional information as well as real-time interactive features.
    • Convenience and mobility: AR glasses provide more convenient and mobile access to information than traditional computers and devices.
    • Advanced visualization options: AR-Glasses allow you to see and interact with objects and information in the real world in three-dimensional form, which can improve the user's visual experience.


    • High cost: AR glasses can be expensive and unreachable for most consumers.
    • Limited features: AR-Glasses may limit the field of vision and information available, depending on the device and the environment in which they are used.
    • Health Issues: Prolonged use of AR glasses can lead to eye fatigue, headaches, and other health problems. In addition, there are also data privacy concerns, associated with the use of AR glasses, which may expose users to the risk of unauthorized access to their personal information.


    In general, AR glasses have some advantages and disadvantages that may be important to potential users. They can enrich the user experience and improve the accessibility of information, but may also face imaging limitations and potential health issues. However, with advances in technology, AR glasses may become more affordable and improve in functionality, which could lead to wider adoption and use in various fields such as medicine, manufacturing, and education.
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