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Xiaomi Modena (MS11)

Xiaomi Modena (MS11)
14 March 2023

    Chinese tech giant Xiaomi has registered the name of its first electric vehicle. The start of serial production of the model, which will be called Modena, starts next year. Judging by the description of the brand, it will be used specifically for the sale of cars. Thus, Xiaomi is getting closer to entering a new car market for itself, for which it has ambitious plans – selling well over 10 million cars a year. Xiaomi boss tested the first car in extreme conditions The Chinese tech giant Xiaomi continues to test the first car in its history, still known internally as Modena.

    Xiaomi MS11

    What is known

    As for Xiaomi Modena, it's a big sedan powered by the company's own self-driving technology. It is already known that he will receive an AT128 hybrid solid-state Lidar as the main one and several auxiliary ones. According to leaked images, the car has a simplified body with a glass roof, hidden door handles and unusual block headlights, which are divided into two parts by an LED line. The rearview mirrors of electric vehicles are traditional. Modena (internal company name MS11) will be released in two versions. 

    The first one will be equipped with a Chinese BYD battery, and the second will receive CATL's advanced Qilin battery, capable of charging from zero to 80 percent in 15 minutes. Xiaomi itself is responsible for the electric transmission. The electric car was filmed during road tests at sub-zero temperatures. Production is expected to start in 2024, and deliveries to the Chinese market will begin in the third quarter of the same year. As previously reported, a low price should not be expected, as the Xiaomi assembly will be filled with expensive advanced technologies to compete with modern vehicles of major automotive brands.

    Xiaomi will not stop at Modena. Already in 2025, a second car called Le Mans should join it. Initially, the company will produce up to 300,000 vehicles per year, and then it is planned to increase the volume to 10 million, displacing the leaders in the electric vehicle market. In comparison, Toyota ranked first in global sales in 2022, selling 10.4 million vehicles.

    Briefly about electric cars

    Electric vehicles are vehicles that use an electric motor and battery to move around. They have numerous advantages over traditional combustion vehicles:

    Xiaomi Modena

    • Environmentally friendly: Electric vehicles do not emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, making them more environmentally friendly and reducing air pollution.
    • Cost-efficient: Electric vehicles are more economical to run than petrol or diesel vehicles. Electric vehicles require less maintenance, no oil or filter changes, and charging is much cheaper than filling up with fuel.
    • More Efficient: Thanks to the electric motor, electric vehicles can achieve higher propulsion efficiency compared to internal combustion vehicles. This means they can travel more distance per battery charge.
    • Quiet: Since electric vehicles do not have an internal combustion engine, they are much quieter in operation. This can be especially useful in urban environments where vehicle noise can be a problem.
    • Innovative: Electric vehicles are part of a new wave of innovation and technology related to the electric vehicle industry. Innovations in batteries, charging stations and other technologies continue to evolve, making electric vehicles even more attractive to consumers.


    Electric vehicles have several advantages, including environmental friendliness, economy, high efficiency, quietness, and innovation. Generally, electric vehicles represent an important direction for the development of the automotive industry, which can lead to a reduction in environmental pollution and an improvement in the quality of people's lives.
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