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Full screen fingerprint scanner

Full screen fingerprint scanner
28 December 2022

    Xiaomi always goes head and shoulders above existing technology, and it's not new for a company to come up with something new. But, at this point, I would not think so because this is a revolution in terms of fingerprint unlock technology. The under-display fingerprint scanner is not a new technology, and Xiaomi understands this. And that's why she filed a new patent for improved technology.

    Xiaomi Patent

    Briefly about Xiaomi's idea: to simplify fingerprint unlocking, the company is developing fingerprint scanning technology over the entire surface of the display on OLED and AMOLED panels. It is possible to unlock by fingerprint in the display only on AMOLED and OLED displays due to their structure.

    The structure of LCD and AMOLED panels

    The currently most common under-display fingerprint scanner (optical) and how it works.

    How it works with=optical fingerprint scanner How can I make a smartphone panel with any position of the finger to unlock? This company implies that it is possible to implement it using IR LEDs along with sensors that capture infrared radiation. Which are located in the display between the sensor layer and the display panel itself.

    How it will work: When you touch a finger with the display in the locked state, the sensor layer detects the touch and its location, and infrared LEDs light up in this area. After, the sensors should fix the infrared color reflected from the finger.

    It takes time to mass-produce, but we mean that the next Xiaomi Mix 5 and 5 Pro have the possibility of using this technology.

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