Motor vehicle administration is a composite process and revolves around the management and the control of motor licensing. Vehicle licensing is the payment of a fee for the use of motor vehicle on public roads. Vehicle licensing in Nigeria began over 100 years ago starting from the colonial administration and the records then was manually kept which did not help in raising efficiency of the general automotive services. Motor vehicle licensing system on the other hand is a phenomenon that is still estranged to the Nigerian terrains. Though many western countries e.g.United States of America and some Asian countries have implemented online licensing in one form or the other; it is yet to gain popularity in this part of the world. The obvious merit of online motor vehicle licensing system prompted this research project to see ways of integrating our vehicle licensing to the internet for speed, efficiency, reliability and customer satisfaction. This work was designed to aid the framework for a client server distributed database system for licensing and registration of automobiles in Nigeria online. It helps business to gain insight into the behaviour of customers and their value so that the company can increase their profit by acting according to the customer characteristics. Customer relationship management technology is a mediator between customer management activities in all stages of a relationship (initiation, maintenance and termination) and business performance. It consists of customer identification, customer attraction, customer retention and customer development (Dhandayudam andKrishnamurthi, 2013).Customer relationship management is a set of process which enables the business strategy to build long term and profitable The project integrated the three government agencies empowered by law for vehicle licensing and registration. The system was implemented using PHP scripting language, HTML, MySQL Server and Macromedia Dreamweaver.

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