Optical, Solid State and Structural Characterization of Optimized Grown Thin Films and their Possible Applications in Solar Energy



Solution growth technique was used to deposit thin films of manganese suphide(Mns),Calcium sulphide(Bas),Zinc fluoride (znf2 ) and calcium Oxide(CaO) on micro-slides(Substrates) at different bath parameterss which include temperature, molarity of solution, Volume of solution and water, time of deposition and PH. The absorbance, A was measured using spectrophotometer ranging from ultraviolet to visible regions. The transmittance, T, Reflectance, R Energy band gap, Eg, Absorption coefficient, Extinction coefficient, K, Refractive index,n, Dielectric constant,Optical conductivity, and thickness, t, were calculated. The percentage transmittance of the films were measured at infrared region using infrared spectrophotometer. Graphs of there properties were plotted against wavelengh and photon energy to determine the behaviour of each film at ultraviolet, visible and infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The topographic structure of the films were studied using photomicrography method or optical microscope. Energy Dispersive X-Ray.

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