Prevalence and Management of Onchocerciasis in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State


Prevalence and Management of Onchocerciasis in Oji River Local Government Area of Enugu State


The purpose of the study was to determine the prevalence and management of Onchocerciasis in Oji River LGA. To achieve the purpose of the study, four specific objectives were stated and four hypotheses postulated. Survey research design was used for the study. The sample for the study consisted about 2400 inhabitants aged 10 and above in Inyi Oji River LGA. The instruments for data collection were questionnaire comprising two sections – A and B. Percentages were used for answering the research questions while chi-square (X2) statistic was used to verify the postulated hypotheses. The results of the study showed that: Prevalence of oncherciasis in Oji River LGA is 30.7%; prevalence of the disease according to age were – 10-24 (18.9%), 25-59 (32.1%) and above 600 years (43.9%); prevalence among males was 32.6% and among females 28.9%; among farmers 40.6%, Semi-farmers 28.8% and non farmers 22.1%; management of onchocerciasis through proper diagnosis was unsatisfactory; management of onchocerciasis through use of drugs was also unsatisfactory except for drug of choice; and management of adverse conditions in onchocerciasis as well as management of onchocerciasis through health education were unsatisfactory; there was significant difference among the communities (p =0.000) in the prevalence of the disease; significant difference among different occupational strata (p =0.000); and significant difference among different age group (p =0.000); but there is no statistically significant difference between males and females (p =0.213) in the prevalence of the disease; however, there was statistically significant difference among different communities in the management of the disease through diagnosis, use of drugs, health education and through management of adverse condition of onchocerciasis in Oji River LGA. Conclusion and recommendations were made based on the findings and discussions of the study.

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