Production of Deodorant (Air Refreshing) from Local Plant Materials


Production of Deodorant (Air Refreshing) from Local Plant Materials


This study was carried out principally for the production of deodorant (Air refresher) from perfumery oil/ fragrance i.e. odor ferrous essential oil to match and conyzete with one produced from abroad.

Deodorant is a substance used in controlling odour and hides unpleasant smells.

The method generally used in this work is first the extraction of the perfuming oil/fragrance i.e. odorless essential oil from local plant materials and then mixing of the substances. After which it was allowed to stand for twenty-four hours and stirred for proper mixture. The product is much higher efficient than the individual oils. And it is cheaper to operate from this project. It is quite possible to harness our natural endowment that would compete prodigiously with one produced abroad.

Hence our environment including homes, cars, hospital, toilets etc will be totally refreshed and the need to import deodorant will be avoided.



The world deodorant is substance used in controlling odor and wide unpleasant smells especially those of the body and environment. It is related to the Latin word perfumery ( to fill with smoke). Since it was found in a mixture of finely grounded spices field together by myrrh.

Deodorant was first developed by John Jayeo in 1817, which it was declared that resin soap could be dissolved to a clear solution in trials or creosote to form a black deodorant fluid. Later on in 1987, damman a german scientist presented a method for preparing lysol a disinfectant which follow in the category of deodorant containing a high proportion of phenols in soap solution which gave on dilution a clear solution in distilled water.

Deodorant is as result of heterogeneous mixture of different chemical substance, which retain a portion of the odorless principle, which can be blended by a vehicle, solvent and fixatives. But we have two kinds of deodorant which include body deodorant example perfume and environment deodorant, which is air refresher.

In order to produce a deodorant, many factors have to be considered. They include;

1. Concentration
2. Organic matter

The deodorant has to be such that its concentration is such that it performs its specific function under the stated condition in the presence of organic matter.


This work is aimed at developing an economic and indigenous way of producing deodorant using local plant materials in the best interest of small-scale industries thereby conserving the foreign exchange earning.

Also to provide an alternative source of raw materials for the production of deodorants. This will in very large measure aid in minimized the importation from abroad.

Finally an attempt is made at formulation specific brands of deodorant from essential odorless oil using standard procedure.


This study centers on the production of deodorant (Air-refresher) from local plant materials.

In Nigeria over ninety percent of the deodorant in use are imported either as finished or semi-finished product. Even the very little produced locally are still based on synthetic raw materials which are also imported. This is rather unfortunate considering that numerous natural sources locally available from which the basic raw materials for the production of deodorant can be obtained. Centers on the production of deodorant.

Due to the various use of deodorant in the country, the need arises for its production from local plant materials in order to reduce the cost of buying from abroad and subsequent importation into the country.


This work is designed towards providing an alternative source of raw materials for the production of deodorants. This will in very large measure aid in minimizing if not stopping entirely the present importation syndrome which does not only constitute a severe drain on our economy but has also turn our country into fertile dumping ground for both low quality and out dated deodorants and it will create job opportunity for the producers in the country.


This work is limited to the use of local plant materials for the study.

This work is also limited due to unavailability of finance to move so many places where the materials needed are located. The scope is also limited by time factor with examination approaching and constant lectures.

As result I have to battle with the problem of time in carrying out the research.

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