This project was to showcase the combination of jumpsuit and jacket using plain fabric and Ankara for the production of formal occasion wear (boardroom meeting) for a young lady. The researcher produced the outfit using her own design and structure. The result was then accessed in terms of suitability of materials, suitability of the work, fit and finishings. From the result and findings in the study, it is now clear that there are needs for creativity among young ladies attending a boardroom meeting. I therefore recommend that seminars and workshops on dress code styles and designs should be organized in order to educate people on the new things that can be worn to such occasion.


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Statement of problems

Purpose of study

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Background of the study:

Formal occasion is an occasion that is meant for formal gatherings eg interviews, meeting, board room meetings etc. each and everyone of these occasions requires a specific wear or out fit for it.

In Boardroom meetings, one needs to dress in a cooperate or formal outfit. A female worker attending a boardroom meetings should dress nice and decent in a formal manner because your appearance speaks more of you one cannot wear an outfit meant for parties to a meeting.

Formal wears come in different styles and designs. They can be a suit of different styles, skirts and shirts, trousers and shirts and a dress of different styles and designs. But no matter one’s choice of style it has to be formal. Formal wears for board room meeting can be sews with various materials such as veritable wax, garbadine, suit materials, London wax even local fabrics like kente, Ankara etc and also synthetic fabrics and blends.

However, a stricking discovery about what most female workers wore to meetings has been made. Most of the female workers wears suit to board room meetings not knowing that other materials can e used in making a co-operate and decent outfits for these meetings.

The circumstances that led the choice of fabric and design that will be use in execution of the work is that the materials are durable and it is a design that will not go out of trend. The wearer will feel comfortable with it and being that in most boardroom meetings the environment is always cool. With this design the wearer won’t feel cold or hot because of the texture of the fabrics and the design.

Statement of the Problem:

Most of the female workers wore suit or ready-made wears to meetings while other materials like Ankara, kente etc can be used for the same purpose. Most of their wears shows all the erogenous part of their body which is not good for the occasion. Formal occasion are business like occasions, so the outfit you wear has to be formal and decent enough.

Purpose of the Study:

The major purpose of this study is to produce a formal occasion (boardroom meeting) wear for a young lady.

Scope of the Study:

This study will delimited to constructing the formal decent dress code for female workers (young ladies) for boardroom meeting.

Research Questions

  1. Is it possible to use plain fabric and Ankara for the production of boardroom meeting wear for a young lady.
  2. What are the attributes of a formal occasion wear (Boardroom meeting).
  3. The design, is it suitable for the occasion.
  4. Can approach of young ladies towards their outfit to boardroom meeting be changed.

Significance of the Study

From the findings of this study a lot of up-coming young female workers will benefit from it. They will know how to combine their fabrics in making their outfits. They will also know that when hey chose a better material and style for their outfit and well sewn, it will come off better.

This information can get to these persons through organizing seminars, workshop etc on dress codes.


Formal occasion: It is an occasion that is meant for formal gatherings eg interview, meetings etc.

Formal wear: It is an upscale clothing work formal events.

Jumpsuit: A piece of clothing, originally referred to the functional one-piece garment used by parachuters.

Jacket: It is a short coat worn by both men and women.

Fabric: It is a cloth or other materials produced by weaving cotton, nylon, wool, silk or other threads together.

Design: A plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a garment, building or other objects before it.

Trend: A general direction in which something is developing or changing.

Etiquette: Guidelines which control the way a responsible individual should behave in the society.



The literature of this project work is reviewed under the following sub-heading namely:

Formal wear

Formal occasion

Boardroom meeting

Jumpsuit as a classic and trendy wear



Formal wear describes typical upscale clothing that is worn at formal social events like wedding or formal wear is relatively consistent across most countries, certain cultures have their own outfits or types of clothes for special occasions. Keaton and Linc (2010), defines formal wear as a collectively attire considered appropriate for social events that demand strict adherence to ceremonial etiquette. Although the trends of the 20th and 21st centuries in Western society have moved towards the loosening of fashion conventions, formal wear is still often considered de rigueur for social events steeped heavily in tradition, such as wedding, dances and debuhante cotillions.


Formal occasion is an occasion that is meant for formal gatherings or social events like interviews, meetings, weddings and formal parties.


It is also part of formal occasion. Sylvie di Giusto (2013), says that in boardroom that we usually find the most important and influential group of individuals. Being a member of boardroom or a business partner or guest at a boardroom meeting, comes with the need for some kind of tactfulness and respect and what you wear plays a big role. Britannica (2008), states that most image consultants still use terms like “business formal” or “business professional”, which is a very general description of a basic professional business outfit. Darlene price (2013), states that it is critically important to be aware of dress codes, underwant what they mean and follow them. She also says that when it comes to the “Boardroom Formal” dress code, employees are expected to project a professional image and convey executive presence. In general, paying attention to the visual details of your look conveys preparation, planning and respect for those whom you meet.


These attire includes either a two-piece matched pant suit, skirt or dress (hem no higher than one inch above the knee) in traditional colours such as black, navy, grey, or brown. A collared dress blouse or shell, black or neutral hoisery, closed-toe dress shoe such as pump and conservative accessories price (2013). Charlyn (2012), States that the traditional colour for boardroom attire can also be mixed with other materials to bring out its aesthetic look to be more appealing. In this research work, the researcher will be bringing in more colourful nice African fabrics to compliment the traditional colour for boardroom. In the course of carrying out the practical aspect of this research a jumpsuit and long sleeve jacket will be used for the production of a female formal wear.


Jumpsuit is a piece o clothing, originally referred to the functional on-piece garments used by parachuters / sky divers, wikipedia (free encydopedia). More recently, it has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs. The original sky divers jump suits were simple garments designed to insulate the body from the cold of high attitudes and minimize risk of covering important handles and grips. Today however, the garment has found other uses. Jumpsuits are generally regarded as a garment of convenience and it has made a wide come back in recent trends it looks perfect and stylish on any lady and it looks decent for formal occasion.


According to Tom Greatrex (2010), A jack is short coat, worn by both men and women. Apart form the suit, the jacket is one of the most important pieces in a person’s wardrobe. If, cut and styled well, and if made in a fairly neutral colour pallete, this versatile piece of outwear is suitable for both formal and leisure activities. A jacket should never be exaggerated in the shoulder or light-fitting in the body. There are countless styles and shapes of jacket through history, but each fits neatly into formal and semi-formal styles.


Production of formal occasion (Boardroom meeting )wear for a female young lady sewn with plain fabric and Ankara fabric is an innovation to what most female workers attending boardroom meeting use to wear. Final review was made on the use of making the garment comprising of a jumpsuit and jacket. The use of jumpsuit and jacket is to make people to know that it can be use for boardroom meeting and it also look more stylish and won’t go out of trend.