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JBL Flip 6 VS JBL Flip 5

JBL Flip 6 VS JBL Flip 5
27 February 2023

    The JBL Flip 6 replaces the very popular Flip 5 speaker. The novelty has not changed much in appearance and, as it turned out, differs little in sound. Although inside, everything has become more serious – two separate speakers and two passive radiators.

    JBL Flip 6 VS JBL Flip 5

    Name JBL Flip 6 JBL Flip 5
    Power 30W 20W
    IP IP67 IPX7
    Number of speakers 2 speakers 1 speaker
    Battery 4800 mAh 4800 mAh
    Codec SBC SBC
    Bluetooth version 5.1 4.2
    178×68×72 mm 181×69×74 mm
    Price $130 $90


    The new logo finally brings the Flip into JBL's current range of portable speakers. Now everything is harmonious and in the same style. Given the strong similarity of the speakers, it turns out that yes, in a sense, you are paying for the new logo.JBL Flip 6 JBL Flip 6 and 5 are almost identical: small cylinders with the same set of buttons and indicators, and fun passive radiators on the sides. Both are charged via USB-C. The Flip 5 has a slightly elongated back, as if the edge of the dough has not been completely rolled out, which prevents it from spinning on the table. The Flip 6 has a small rubber bumper on the back for added stability. Both models have straps for fastening.

    Sound quality

    If you've ever owned or listened to a JBL speaker, you'll have certain expectations about sound quality. With JBL Flip 6, they are fully justified. The novelty plays perfectly, balanced and without distortions in the extremes of the range. Pleasant sound throughout without pretensions.

    JBL Flip 6


    • Sound. The similarity in appearance between the Flip 5 and 6 is complemented by a strong sound similarity. Both speakers are equally balanced. Sometimes in the process of work, you forget which model is playing. Only with a targeted comparison of the two models does Flip 6 reveal greater expressiveness and purity of the musical flow. Most likely this is a consequence of the appearance of the tweeter in the column. With such a close sound, perhaps this is the most correct description of the main difference. Flip 6 plays a little differently, even noticeably better in some tracks, but this does not devalue the musical character of Flip 5. The folk speaker next to the novelty still sounds great.
    • Party Boost. Flip 6 can be paired with Flip 5 in JBL Party Boost mode so that they play a song from the same source at the same time. To complete this, you need to press a special button on the speakers, and the magic of JBL will begin. The music really gets bigger, louder and surrounds you and your guests. Here is the link for all the JBL speakers that can be wirelessly connected to each other. In this mode, by the way, it is not at all clear what column is playing. The equalizer is not available in this case. And for stereo, you need two identical speakers.


    Flip 5 and Flip 6 play beautifully and for a long time. Among portable speakers for their price, they are clear leaders. In addition, they also connect with each other in the cool JBL Party boost music mode.

    How JBL Flip 6 differs from Flip 5:

    • A separate tweeter appeared;
    • New version of Bluetooth;
    • Equalizer in a proprietary application;
    • IP67;
    • New logo.
    Choosing between the Flip 5 and Flip 6 is not an easy one, as they sound very similar and look almost identical, but are priced differently in the Catalog for the same official JBL price of $130. In the bottom line, Flip 6 scores more points: better sound, although not drastically, and a higher level of dust protection. In load – new logo on the case and an equalizer in the app.
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