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Apple Magic Mouse 3 Review

Apple Magic Mouse 3 Review
07 March 2023

    We all know that “apple” products – products of the Apple brand – are the highest quality, innovative technologies and cutting-edge design, for which we pay a higher price than other brands. Is the new Apple mouse worth the money? Let's see. As always, high-quality and highly functional, made in the style of futuristic minimalism, the Apple Magic Mouse 3 is the dream of millions.

    However, not everyone is rushing to buy a fashionable novelty. What is the reason? Of course, in the cost of Apple devices, which are far from affordable for everyone. However, what do we pay for with the Apple Magic Mouse 3? For a popular brand or still for quality and functionality, which are critical factors for people whose profession forces the exceptional quality and convenience of a computer mouse: designers, design engineers, web -developers and other similar professions?

    Minimalist perfection

    Apple Magic Mouse 3 ReviewDifferences:

    • What's new? Before buying a new mouse from the Apple brand, many users ask themselves an urgent question: what is new from the manufacturer? In addition to the updated design, the mouse is much lighter than the previous model. This is due to the minimum number of moving elements in the design. Comparing all the possible differences, the main one is the use of a built-in battery with the possibility of further recharging. As a result, users will be able to completely abandon the use of batteries.
    • Pros and cons. Let's fairly evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the mouse from Apple. The beautiful and elegant Magic Mouse 3 is good not only for its external characteristics. One of the important advantages of the mouse is that it connects to your MacBook using Bluetooth technology, which means it is wireless (we remember the love of “apple” developers for minimalism). In addition, Magic Mouse – this is a rechargeable device from Apple that can last up to 30 days on a single charge, which is also quite convenient.
    • Charge. By the way, if you are interested in how to check the charge of the Magic Mouse 3. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the MacBook, select “mouse” in the menu that opens, and read the data on the remaining battery charge.
    • Surprise. When you buy a “magic” device, the first thing that will confuse you in Magic Mouse 3 is that “click” and “tap” (touch) on it are not identical actions. And if everything is clear with “clicks” because they are the usual way for us to communicate with the mouse, then the ability to “tap”, or just touch, without bringing the key to a “click”, can be very surprising.
    • Sensors. As you may have guessed, the ability of the mouse to respond to “tap” is because the entire upper surface of the “magic mouse” is touch. Which fundamentally distinguishes it from any other analogues, not only in terms of capabilities, but also in terms of the principle of control. By the way, this is also a conditional disadvantage of the accessory: it is not so easy for people who are used to mechanical mice to “get used to” the Magic Mouse.

    Why do developers need a touchpad? To make mouse control even more complete and comfortable: Magic Mouse supports not only the usual “clicks” and “scrolls”, but also a system of gestures:

    • Swipe;
    • Single tap;
    • Double tap;
    • Tap with one finger;
    • Tap with two fingers;
    • And other gestures.
    Magic Mouse gestures are simple and intuitive, however, getting used to such mouse controls — it will take some time. Of course, like any device, the Magic Mouse initially has default gesture recognition settings. But you can set your own at any time, which, you see, makes the process of using the “magic” mouse incredibly comfortable and personalized as much as possible.

    By the way, if you want to change the Magic Mouse gesture settings, go to System Preferences, select “Mouse” and set your values.

    Apple Magic Mouse 3Right mouse button:

    One of the most frequently asked questions about the Magic Mouse is where is the right mouse button on the Magic Mouse? Actually, in the default settings − right-click on the device is simply disabled. But you can fix this by going to the already familiar System Preferences menu, selecting the “Mouse” category there, and enabling the “Simulate right button” column. In the same menu, you will find many subtle mouse settings – sensitivity and smart zoom, scrolling direction and cursor movement speed, in a word, in this case, you can adjust the mouse as it will be convenient for you.

    Magic Mouse Benefits

    So, what are the benefits we get in the end, comparing mouse 3 VS 2:

    • Futuristic minimalist design;
    • No wires;
    • Long time without recharging;
    • Touch control in addition to the usual mechanical;
    • Gesture system;
    • Fine-tuning “for yourself”, allowing you to personalize the manipulator to your needs and habits as much as possible.

    And just one “disadvantage” – it takes time to get used to the multi functionality of a regular computer mouse. Well, looks like it's worth it. 

    1. What is the difference between Magic Mouse 2 and 3? The latest model has become much lighter, more compact and more comfortable. The manufacturer has changed the usual design and supplemented the mouse with a built-in rechargeable battery. The Multi-Touch surface deserves special attention, thanks to which you can use gestures to control.
    2. How to find out the model of Magic Mouse? You can find the serial number of each model on the bottom panel, where you can find other useful information. The line contains 17 numbers and letters.
    3. What pad do you need for Magic Mouse? It is recommended to choose fabric mats with a rubber base. It's best to avoid silicone wrist pads. This is because the Magic Mouse notes a small height of the manipulator. The result is a slip-free rubber and a fabric upper for a smooth, quiet ride.
    4. Can I play with Magic Mouse? The presented mouse is especially popular among gamers, as it fits perfectly in the hand and quickly “responds” to any movement.
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