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Redmi Smart Band Pro review

Redmi Smart Band Pro review
28 December 2022

    Redmi Smart Band Pro is a multi-functional fitness tracker with over 110 workout modes. AMOLED display, large battery, powerful processor, large battery and 5ATM water protection. The first bracelet with Always On Display support. 185mAh battery with 14 days of work. You can take the bracelet with you to swim in shallow water in fresh water. The Xiaomi Wear app will help you customize the bracelet for your workout. If you need to take a photo from a tripod or surface, but you have 2 hands, it is not significant, there is a function to take a picture from the watch, more precisely control the shutter button. Well, the number of settings is also impressive, for example, setting up round-the-clock monitoring of something. Moreover, recently released a new fitness watch Xiaomi Band 7 which we recently reviewed.


    Large 1.5 inch display with 450nit brightness.

    DisplayDisplay Benefits:

    1. Diagonal 1.47 inches.
    2. 450nit brightness and 5 auto brightness settings
    3. Display type AMOLED.
    4. Resolution 194×368 or 283PPI.
    5. Always On Display support.
    The display is one of the best with its features among all fitness bracelets.


    A high-capacity battery behaves differently in different usage scenarios.

    BatteryThe battery has a capacity of 185mAh and the charge can last 14 days with normal use and 20 with economical use.

    Xiaomi Wear App

    The application allows you to customize the clock to your requirements.

    Xiaomi WearFeatures:

    • Change settings from a smartphone that are not available on the device itself (change the arrangement of functions from a list to a grid or vice versa, etc.)
    • Changing the monitoring of sensors measuring heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and your activity for round-the-clock monitoring.
    • Removing and adding different widgets for faster browsing.
    • The main splash screen can also be changed to 60 available in the store.
    • The function of turning on the display when turning the wrist to the face.
    • Lock the display with the palm of your hand.
    • On the bracelet itself, you can adjust 5 brightness levels, turn on the do not disturb mode, and much more.

    Redmi Smart Band Pro VS Huawei Band 6

    Huawei Band 6 is a direct competitor.

    Title Huawei Band 6 Redmi Smart Band Pro
    Diagonal 1.47 1.47
    Brightness 440nit 450nit
    Resolution 194×368 194×368
    Pixel Density 282PPI 282PPI
    Battery 180mAh 185mAh
    Training Modes 96 modes more than 110 modes
    Dimensions 43 × 25.4 × 10.99 42.04 × 24.44 × 10.85
    Prices $60 $50
    Conclusion and note: this bracelet is very technological, but with its shortcomings in the form of a lack of GPS and a certain amount of marriage. The marriage of Redmi Smart Band Pro lies in the light sensor, and no, everything is stable and correct with auto brightness. When you are in a place with sufficient lighting, the display turns on again after blocking, and so cycle after cycle and it's not about the firmware. This is a marriage and that's why you bring it to the service center and change your devices. In terms of filling, all the characteristics are on top, but above the indicated disadvantages.

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