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1More H1707 review

1More H1707 review
29 December 2022

    1MORE is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and can't make bad things. New multi-driver full-size headphones with Hi-Res AUDIO Resolution. Sophisticated design with very high-quality material for a pleasant and long-lasting wear. Deep bass is achieved by the Bass Reflex speaker. Not a single bass: a thin ceramic driver and an aerospace driver absorbs the listener into the world of surround music. Impedance 32ohm with audio frequency range 20-40000Hz.

    3 Drivers bear fruit.

    Dynamic driver with bass reflex for tighter low frequencies.1More H1707

    Description of 3 drivers:

    1. Low frequency driver. The new Bass Reflex driver with bass reflex allows you to experience deep and thick bass. Bass reflex driver, different from classic speaker design, the fact that the former goes more into the low-end range, which leads to a double reflection of the generated energy, converting it into a dense and deep low-frequency range.
    2. Medium frequency speaker. Dynamic midrange driver with multilayer aerospace composite diaphragm with metal diaphragm for spacious, clear, and overall balanced sound.
    3. High-frequency driver. When operated, the thin ceramic driver results in detailed high frequencies up to 40kHz. As the manufacturer assures, it also creates the effect of a concert hall and silky high frequencies.

    20 metalworking processes

    1More H1707All processing:

    Unique sports car wheel design, the surface has been anodized to make the metal surface look like new after long wear.

    • Sports car wheel – a type of processing of a metal sound chamber cavity part.
    • Type of processing for metal sound chamber cavity – sports car wheel.
    • The casting of all parts of this headset is reproduced under pressure.
    • Ferromagnetic throw is used for blinking.
    • Total polishing of the entire appearance of the headphones.
    • Sandblasting and fine-grained processing.
    • Pre-treatment of all surfaces before painting.
    • The outer layer is scratch resistant.
    • The engraving is made by laser with high precision.
    • More than 20 precision types of metal processing have been performed.

    Wire and audio

    High-quality copper wire for accurate sound reproduction.


    The wire is made of oxygen-free copper and uses a through-hole design without a solder point for lower transmission losses and achieves high fidelity.

    Materials for wearing

    Materials Overhead layer for wearing on the head made of imported protein leather, its characteristics include softness and breathability. The headband inside is made of an elastic pressure block, which allows you to loosen the clamping force, it will definitely be useful for long-term wear.

    Ear comfort

    Overlays 3 layers of polymer resin material are provided for ear comfort. Tight fit and softness guaranteed. Dynamic driver with multilayer aerospace composite metal diaphragm to achieve a comprehensive and balanced hearing.

    Comparison with JBL E55BT


    Title JBL E55BT 1MORE Triple Driver Over-Ear H1707
    Number of Stripes 1 3
    Frequency Range 20-20000Hz 20-40000Hz
    Decibels 96dB 104dB
    Impedance 32ohm 32ohm
    Passive Radiator None Yes
    Materials Plastic and leather replacement Plastic with metal and protein skin import
    Prices $70 $60


    These headphones are designed for quality sound. All the comfort of wearing will convey only the best feeling from the headphones. Price $60.


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