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Xiaomi 12T Pro Review

Xiaomi 12T Pro Review
17 January 2023

    The T-series stands apart in Xiaomi's portfolio, as it combines advanced features with a sub-flagship price. Xiaomi 12T Pro is trying to get used to the role of the very device that is “top for the money”, but does it work?


    The device received a classic design, traditional for most new Xiaomi models. The camera block is not fanciful, but recognizable due to the location of the modules and the dividing lines between them. The back panel is matte – it does not collect fingerprints. A little surprised by the side frame made of plastic, somewhat simplifying the tactile sensations from the gadget. At the same time, the smartphone is assembled perfectly. The weight is solid, as much as 205 grams, but over time you get used to it. Xiaomi 12T Pro design Xiaomi 12T Pro received an IP53 protection rating – it is not afraid of small splashes, but it is clearly not worth leaving it in the rain and diving into the pool with it. The fingerprint scanner is located under the display – during There were no questions about its speed and accuracy in testing.

    • On the top edge there is an infrared port for controlling home appliances. But the audio jack and slot for memory cards are missing. I was also surprised by the choice of USB 2.0 because it's time to abandon this standard in this class. But in place of the stereo speakers, sounding clear and loud – here the model is not inferior to more expensive gadgets.


    Xiaomi 12T Pro is equipped with a 200 MP main camera, which is still rare in smartphones. It consists of a Samsung HP1 sensor and an f/1.7 lens. There is optical image stabilization. However, there is no telephoto – instead of it, 8 -megapixel module with a 120-degree field of view and a 2-megapixel macro sensor. Xiaomi 12T Pro CamerasPhotos:

    • Detail: The detail is excellent – even the smallest objects do not merge into mush, so you can crop the frame a lot or print pictures without losing quality. But in everyday use, the increase in clarity is noticeable only if you view images on a large screen. Normally, mode 12 is used for shooting. 5 MP – several adjacent pixels are combined in it to improve light sensitivity.
    • Main camera: The main camera pleases with flagship quality. She has an exceptional dynamic range without dips in the shadows and highlights, good detail, rich colors – it's hard to find fault. Especially when you consider that Xiaomi 12T Pro costs less than top-end devices, and takes pictures about the same. You can’t say the same about additional modules – the wide angle is ordinary, the macro camera does not shine with elaboration of details.
    • Comparison: As a bonus, we decided to compare the main camera of Xiaomi 12T Pro with last year's flagship Mi 11 Ultra, which sank significantly in price before leaving the market. It makes no sense to test the zoom capabilities – in this parameter, the Mi 11 Ultra, with its 5x optical and 120x digital zoom, is far ahead. But it is interesting to compare the main sensors. Xiaomi 12T Pro renders colors less correctly and adds excessive contrast, pictures on the flagship are more natural. But at night it is a little easier to make a good shot on the new product – the shooting process is faster here, and there is less glare from the lanterns.
    • Video shooting: Xiaomi 12T Pro's video shooting capabilities are excellent: it supports 4K recording at 30 and 60 fps. There are options like cinematic mode, codec selection and HDR video creation. The result is good: color reproduction is natural, focusing is fast, the picture does not shake when walking.
    • In high definition: The smartphone is capable of recording in 8K. These videos have exceptional clarity, but low frame rates. The main mode is still 4K, but we recorded an example video in the maximum resolution:


    The display of the Xiaomi 12T Pro is exceptional. The 6.67-inch AMOLED panel has a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. The frames around the edges are thin, the screen itself is flat and does not glare with edges when exposed to light. Declared a solid 900 nits in peak auto brightness mode. Exceptional responsiveness, an abundance of settings and a good oleo phobic coating are included. Xiaomi 12T Pro Display

    The pixel density is 446 ppi – it is impossible to see individual dots on the Xiaomi 12T Pro screen. The manufacturer also focuses on PWM in the region of 1920 Hz. For OLED, this is an excellent indicator, you don’t have to worry about screen flicker and eye fatigue.

    Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

    The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor has one 3000MHz Cortex-X2 core, three 2500MHz Cortex-A710s, and four 1800MHz Cortex-A510s. The chipset is manufactured using a 4 nm process technology, and the Adreno 730 accelerator is responsible for the graphics. Beyond: in the Antutu benchmark, the smartphone scored 1046108 points. The performance margin is guaranteed to last until the end of the smartphone's life. Xiaomi 12T Pro Performance

    • The lack of mighty iron is the love of heat. Xiaomi tried to solve this problem by installing a large evaporation chamber, but under high load, the 12T Pro still heats up. In the CPU Throttling Test, a serious decline in performance was noted after 6–7 minutes. But in everyday scenarios, the smartphone works without the slightest hint of friezes. I also managed to play Genshin Impact at maximum graphics settings, while the frame rate was stable.


    Xiaomi 12T Pro Battery

    • AMOLED. The smartphone has an economical AMOLED that can change the refresh rate in a wide range, as well as a 5000 mAh battery – this combination provides good battery life. Xiaomi 12T Pro can play videos in Full-HD resolution for 16 hours, and with a moderate load (reading websites, chatting in a messenger, rare calls, listening to music), it can easily withstand a day and a half of work. With active use – with games, photography and watching YouTube – it will work for a day. In a word, there are no complaints about the autonomy of the 12T Pro.


    120W fast charging is one of the main trump cards of the gadget. In the maximum performance mode, from 0 to 100%, it was charged in about 23 minutes. We expected a little more speed, but usually the last percentages are gained more slowly – the smartphone still spares the battery. No wireless charging. With such a speed of feeding “by wire” – a small loss. But in the kit is a branded adapter for 120 W, you do not need to buy anything. Fortunately, Xiaomi did not save on packaging, explaining this by environmental considerations.


    • Display: 6.67”, AMOLED, 2712×1220, 120Hz;
    • Processor: CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, GPU Adreno 730;
    • Cameras: Main — 200 MP (f/1.7) + 8 MP (f/2.2, 120°) + 2 MP (macro), Front – 20 MP;
    • Battery: 5000 mAh;
    • Features: Supports fast charging 120W, IP53, stereo speakers, no wireless charging;
    • Autonomy: Up to 16 hours of video playback, About 1.5 days of work in mixed mode.

    Xiaomi 12T Pro Specs

    • Some features of a smartphone are not found in more expensive devices. This is especially true for fast charging. Xiaomi 12T Pro also has an excellent screen, good stereo sound, decent battery life and a huge performance margin.
    Before us is a new flagship killer? Not everything is so simple. The lack of optical zoom is understandable – it is available in more expensive models of the brand. But the ultra-wide and macro module are modest, USB 2.0 looks strange, and I would also like to see full-fledged water protection. Compared to its predecessor, case materials are simpler here, which lowers the overall score of the gadget. Otherwise, Xiaomi 12T Pro looks great: it copes with any tasks perfectly and closes the gap between the “middle peasants” and top-end devices.
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