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MacOS Ventura Review of new features

MacOS Ventura Review of new features
05 February 2023

    Before the announcement of macOS 13 Ventura, many were saying that Apple's new desktop operating system would not bring many new features. It was believed that the company will focus on improving the performance and speed of the operating system, and the main features will be various interface changes and expansion of existing features.

    After the announcement of macOS 13 Ventura, it became clear that online sources were wrong on many points. On the one side, the update didn't really bring any dramatic changes with it. However, the new macOS has at least a few interesting innovations that in the future can make the process of working on a computer easier. At least for some users. An example is the updated multitasking.

    MacOS 13 Ventura First build:

    The test build is intended primarily for developers. However, if desired, “simple” users can also install it. We were among the first to try out all the features of the new macOS. We will tell you about the most exciting features of the new operating system for Mac in this review.

    Stage Manager or better multitasking

    The most noticeable innovation that happened in macOS 13 was the updated multitasking. Essentially, Apple has created its own alternative to various window managers. After enabling Stage Manager or Layout Manager, open windows are automatically “stacked” when minimized in the form of volumetric stacks on the left side of the screen. In this case, several programs can be stacked at once. To complete this, you just need to open numerous applications on the screen at the same time. Stage Manager VenturaHow to enable:

    1. Control Center. Enables the Stage Manager feature in Control Center. There, you can also configure the permanent display or hiding of the panel with windows – by analogy with showing and hiding the Dock.
    2. Working with windows. If we discuss impressions, the idea of ​​stacks of windows looks rather unusual so far. And almost everyone who has already tried macOS 13 speaks about this. Over the past years, active Mac users have managed to form certain habits for working with windows, and after the appearance of Stage Manager, they need to be changed.
    3. Productivity. Whether the new feature will improve productivity, as Apple representatives said, is difficult to say – only time will tell. However, the good news is that Stage Manager works on all Macs that can be upgraded to macOS 13.

    Updated system settings

    If many users have not yet comprised a definite opinion about Stage Manager, then a considerable number of those who installed macOS 13 respond at least coolly about the new System Preferences. But in most cases, Mac owners openly scold this innovation. We didn't like it too much, either. “Old” System settings may not have looked so stylish anymore, but they were more simple and understandable. MacOS Ventura new Settings

    • So, what did Apple do? In short, System Preferences in macOS 13 began to look very much like the same menu found in iOS and iPadOS. Apple designers literally completely transferred this block from mobile devices to the desktop operating system, Both the appearance and the logic of the menu have been preserved.


    Small but useful innovations have taken place in the Spotlight. Suggestions have been improved, and the search itself is now carried out by messages, notes, and files. In addition, Quick View support has appeared in Spotlight – if you press the Space bar, the Quick View window will open. The last option works not only for images, but also, for example, for text documents. SpotlightIn addition, through Spotlight in macOS 13, users will be able to perform some routine tasks faster, such as setting an alarm, starting a timer, activating focus mode, etc.

    Live Text

    The Live Text feature has also been improved in macOS 13. Apple has increased the number of supported languages ​​by including Ukrainian and Russian in the list. With this option, users will be able to quickly copy text from images and videos. In addition, the so-called quick actions are supported – if there is a phone number in the picture, Mac owners will be able to highlight it and literally make a call with just one click.

    New apps

    New Weather app in MacOS Ventura

    New apps:

    • Clock and Weather. In macOS 13, Apple has added several standard apps. Among the “novelties” are Clock and Weather. In terms of their functionality, applications do not differ from those that have long been present in iOS. At the same time, Apple adapted the program interfaces to fit the large computer screen.
    • Stable. By the way, in the first beta version, new applications do not work very stable. However, Apple will definitely fix these shortcomings in the future.

    iPhone as an external webcam

    Web Camera in MacOS VenturaWeb:

    • FaceTime. An interesting feature of macOS 13 is the ability to use your iPhone as an external webcam. So far, this feature is only available in FaceTime. However, in the future the situation may change, and a similar option will appear in other applications. For example, in Zoom or Skype.
    • Spotlight. When using iPhone as an external webcam, picture quality is noticeably improved. In addition, additional modes and settings become available to Mac owners. In particular, you can activate the mode in the “Spotlight”, so that the user's face will always be located in the center of the screen.
    • Desk View. However, more fascinating is the mode called Desk View. After activating it, the ultra-wide-angle camera is turned on the iPhone, which, in parallel with the “main” streams everything that happens on the table in front of the monitor.

    Minor changes in apps

    MacOS Ventura DevicesAs usual, in the new version of macOS, Apple has made many small changes to existing applications. For example, mail has a smart search and the function of delayed sending emails, Safari has added synchronization of extensions between different platforms, and active users of iMessage in macOS 13 will be able to delete and edit already sent messages. True, the last option only works on newer systems.


    Summarizing all of the above, macOS 13 is a good “intermediate” update. Apple continues to develop its desktop platform. However, as is the case with other operating systems, it has become increasingly difficult for companies to come up with some kind of global innovations. All this leads to the fact that more and more small innovations appear in the system. At this point, it's too early to talk about the speed and performance of the new macOS. However, during testing of the new operating system, no serious freezes were noticed. Subjectively, macOS 13 works about the same as macOS Monterey.
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