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Oclean X Pro Full Review

Oclean X Pro Full Review
06 February 2023

    How often does the average person visit the dentist? Probably, at a time when his tooth hurts or eating becomes uncomfortable. In my case, it was. This time I decided to change my attitude to the teeth, the first is the treatment of all teeth, the second change in the rules of “dental hygiene”.

    And one way to achieve this is the Oclean X Pro electric toothbrush. After the first trip to the dentist, it became clear that it was necessary to treat more than 10 teeth and change the rules of proper hygiene.


    • View: Ultrasound;
    • Number of directional movements: 42000 per minute;
    • Main nozzle head shape: Ellipse;
    • Intensity level: 32;
    • Whitening mode: Yes;
    • Massage mode: Yes;
    • Smartphone control: Bluetooth;
    • Powered by: Battery powered;
    • Charging time: 2 hours;
    • Battery life: 40 days;
    • Weight: 99g.


    What we see before we see the product itself, of course, its packaging. But be careful, it opens easily, I didn't notice it and started tearing it.Oclean X Pro Review The toothbrush itself looks nice and stylish:

    • Charging: For charging, you need to use a special stand that can be hung on the wall or put a brush in it
    • Charging station: Magnetic charging station, it is easy to remove when placed on the wall
    • Mounting: Mounting is carried out on an adhesive plate, which is applied to the plastic part from the second photo.
    • Stand: But it is also possible to use without it, where the brush is in the stand.

    Oclean application

    Oclean AppSpecial Oclean Application:

    • Archive: It is also possible to view archived data, about brushing your teeth a week or a month ago;
    • Menu: Menu for selecting a brushing program (recommended for the first week of use);
    • Intensity: In addition to self-selection of brushing intensity, more than 10 different programs can be selected through the application, depending on the condition of the teeth, the need for their whitening;
    • Synchronization: Some people face the problem of registering in this mobile application, to solve this issue, you need to set automatic time synchronization in the phone settings and the error “Client time exception 1002” will disappear.


    As mentioned earlier, the brush was purchased in the process of treatment and professional teeth cleaning, it is probably better not to do this because during this period, at least for me, the teeth became more sensitive. Perhaps the replacement of toothpaste, brushes, treatment of deep caries, pulpit is, professional cleaning with ultrasound and air-flow. Oclean X Pro Review

    • At the recommendation of the dentist, I will use a paste for sensitive teeth, although currently the teeth feel smaller every day.
    • In general, I liked the toothbrush, of course, the analytics of brushing your teeth is an interesting thing, but over time it ceases to be important, like the touch screen, except for showing the time, of course.
    • The timer on the toothbrush is convenient, it signals with a short stop about the need to change the dentition every 30 seconds.
    • If we compare the quality of cleaning, then the teeth become cleaner, plaque is not visually visible.

    Useful life hacksOclean X pro

    • Use an irrigation or floss before brushing your teeth;
    • After cleaning, the brush head should be washed under running water, and the body should be wiped with a dry cloth, this will prolong its life;
    • There is no need to use a protective cap on the head between cleanings, bacteria can multiply there (after the photo shoot, in my case, it was filmed).
    • To get used to it, it is better to start using the program for sensitive teeth;
    • Rinse your mouth with water after each meal;
    • It is necessary to change the replacement brush head every three months;
    • Change your toothpaste every month;
    • Periodically, you need to stop rinsing your teeth with a mouthwash to maintain the natural protection of the enamel in contact with saliva (for example, we use it for a week, we rest for a week).
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