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Soundcore Select Pro Review

Soundcore Select Pro Review
08 February 2023

    The Anker brand in its Soundcore line regularly releases worthy devices for working with sound, be it headphones or acoustics, and the prices are more than adequate. And the hero of the review is a direct proof of this: an easy-to-use, decent-sounding and functional speaker, let's get acquainted and test it.

    Appearance and ergonomics

    With positioning, everything is elementary: Soundcore Select Pro by Anker is a portable speaker with a wireless connection to gadgets, protected from external influences and with good sound power. At the same time, the cost is quite sane and “folk” – up to $200 Soundcore Select ProDesign:

    • Pen. First, what attracts attention when unpacking is the handle for which it is convenient to carry the column. The weight may not seem quite comfortable to someone, after all, almost one and a half kilograms. On the other hand, in this case, there are two speakers hidden under a metal grill on the front panel.
    • RGB. At first glance, everything is monotonous and strict, black and gray tones predominate. Still, the mobile speaker is designed to be the center of the party, so the manufacturer added a multicolored backlight. We are not talking about RGB-madness, only the speakers are highlighted, neatly and tastefully. We'll talk about setting the backlight a little later.
    • Passive radiators. On the sides of the speakers are silicone passive radiators, traditional for this class of devices, which perform rather an aesthetic role – they vibrate with music, complementing the sound experience. Durable plastic inserts protect these elements.
    • Bluetooth. Under the handle on the front of the Soundcore Select Pro are the control keys. Four separate keys help turn on the device, turn on the said backlight, add bass (glow white when active) and activate Bluetooth pairing mode (glow blue when connected).
    • Functionality. A large rubberized key, judging by the notches, is responsible for controlling the volume and is not highlighted, it has the Soundcore logo on it. But if you dig a little deeper, then this same logo is a separate key responsible for controlling playback (pause, resume, switch tracks), as well as work with incoming calls and a voice assistant. A useful feature that allows you to free your hands from the phone and talk through the speaker itself.
    • Logo. In general, you can’t forget about the speaker belonging to the Soundcore line: the logo is duplicated on silicone inserts on the sides, behind the grille between the speakers. The name of the series is written on the handle and the insert on the front panel, and finally, the name of the model itself flaunts on the protective casing at the back.
    • Type-C. The mentioned dense rubberized casing protects the connectors from external influences, this is Type-C for charging the column itself and USB- A for reverse wired charging of other gadgets from Soundcore Select Pro. The latter is helped by Anker IQ technology, which helps to determine the connected device and transfer exactly the power that it supports to it. This is useful from the standpoint of saving the battery of the device being charged.
    • IPX7.  For the stability of the column on the surface, two rubberized legs are provided at the bottom. In general, the assembly does not find fault, nothing creaks and does not squeeze. Of course, the plastic that tends to collect fingerprints and greasy marks cannot be called super high-quality, but the body is protected according to the IPX7 standard. You cannot be afraid of accidental immersion underwater, and even more so – splashing water or drinks.
    • Test. During testing, it was not possible to get out to open water, I had to test by immersion in a bath for 20 minutes, this did not affect the functionality of the device.

    Application, additional functions

    As is often the case in the portable audio segment, the connection can be made in two ways: through the smartphone menu and through a dedicated application. In this case, the latter bears the expected name Soundcore and is available for both Android and iOS. Soundcore Select ProSoundcore App:

    • Functionality. Speaking from the point of view of the functionality of the device itself, then in the application settings you can read the user manual, activate voice prompts, set the time for the speaker to turn off automatically. Of course, there are also basic things: control playback and volume, turn off the device and cancel the current pairing, and update the software.
    • Appendix. Not the most frequent companion of portable speakers is a customizable equalizer. It is present in the Soundcore application, you can choose one of 4 preset settings, as well as set your program. The menu duplicates the setting for activating bass boost.
    • Illumination. From the application menu, you can also configure the backlight effects. However, you won’t be able to configure anything besides the pre-installed four options. Apparently, this option was left for slightly more expensive options like the Soundcore Rave.
    • White noise. Finally, from a separate menu of the utility in a separate tab, an interesting function “White noise” is available, which launches a sound selected by the user on the speaker, or rather, a combination of three sounds. Three regular modes are also available, and you can create your own settings. Of the minuses – sound settings do not last long, of the pros – cuts and transitions are not audible, so you can safely turn it on and fall asleep to a relaxing sound or concentrate on work.

    Sound, autonomy

    To be honest, you don't expect such sound power from such a relatively small speaker. 30 watts is a sane indicator, given the orientation of the model for outdoor use. In an average room, values ​​above 60% of the volume become frankly too much, and you want to either move a little further away or make it quieter.

    Soundcore Select ProSound:

    • Volume. The volume margin is impressive, I'm glad that even at the maximum levels there are no wheezing and serious sound artifacts. Unless, sometimes (depending on the composition) they “click” and add a little “sand” upper frequencies. Here you can adjust the equalizer and smooth out this effect. If you love low end, then boost mode is for you.
    • Sound. Soundcore Select Pro sounds quite decent for the money, I would only find fault with the direction of the sound. If he went both ways and not just right in front of the speakers, it would be more interesting in my opinion, again in the context of open air. On the other hand, such an approach could call into question the protection of the hull from water.
    • Stereo system. This purely individual moment can be leveled by the mode of pairing two or more Soundcore speakers into a stereo system. Such devices can be combined up to 100 pieces – it is unlikely, of course, this can be called a frequent scenario, but 2–3 speakers is a very real situation, sound and light will only benefit from this. To complete this, on two compatible speakers, hold down the Bluetooth button for a couple of seconds, pairing will occur automatically.
    • Battery. The 6700 mAh battery provides up to 16 hours of continuous operation without active backlighting and devices connected for charging. Not to say that this is some kind of record, but if your party lasts longer than the column will work, then you can only pay respect.
    • Indicator. Find out that the speaker needs to be charged, either the application or the indication of the power button will help: if the charge is low, it blinks red, if it is charging, then the red indicator is on, but does not blink. A full charge takes two and a half hours, thank you USB Type-C.

    Conclusions, impressions

    Soundcore Select Pro — one of those cases when the user experience fits so organically into scenarios and already formed habits of managing such gadgets that it feels like you have always used the column. Management is simple and clear, the application is concise and free of unnecessary settings, the assembly is reliable, real water protection and, of course, a powerful and dense sound add extra points. Someone may say that the design is boring and even the backlight does not help, but here is “taste”. In any case, for $200 the offer is good, will create a mood in any weather.
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