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Apple iMac M1 24" Review

Apple iMac M1 24" Review
10 February 2023

    To be honest, I have not used desktop computers for at least 10 years, I only test them from time to time. And with each test, I am convinced that they have not been able to offer anything new and interesting for a long time. In my opinion, there are only two applications for desktops: professional and gaming. For everything else, there are laptops and Apple TV. When a brand-new iMac 24″ was brought to me for testing, I began to think about how it could be useful to me. And I realized that there are at least three scenarios for its application. I will tell you in detail about each of them.

    There can be one computer for the whole family

    iMac is a very versatile thing. This is a powerful compact monoblock, which also looks cool. With its minimalistic design, it fits perfectly into the interior of a studio, loft or just a modern apartment, not overloaded with grandma's wardrobes, carpets, and elephants.iMac 24 M1 Universal Mac:

    • Work. Ideally, it is best to buy it for a small family with no children, or with a maximum of one child (because if there are two, the iMac will definitely become a bone of contention). For example, one spouse working from home can use the computer for work while the other spouse is at the office and the child is at school. At the end of the working day, you can give the iMac to be torn to pieces by your son or daughter, and in the late afternoon, everyone can sit together in front of the big screen watching the series. 
    • Keyboard. The iMac keyboard has one magic button in the upper-right corner, with a fingerprint scanner. If you set it up on individual fingers, each family member will actually have their computer – with all the settings, a set of documents, photos. Downloaded games and other content, which other residents of the apartment will not see and may not even be aware of its existence. Just touch this button, and you are in your own familiar environment, confident that no one will accidentally erase important information or break anything. This is how all Macs are designed.

    It can be used for professional activities or hobbies

    While the iMac 24″ (2021) doesn't have a separate graphics card, its Apple M1 processor is powerful enough to handle any medium-duty professional tasks. Probably designers, architects, developers, and everyone else who works with 3D graphics, games or printing, it is not worth recommending, but they themselves know it. But for everyone else, from accountants to bloggers, it's fine.

    iMac 24" M1 Features:

    • Logic Pro. I write music, record, and mix audio in my spare time, and I installed the latest version of Logic Pro on my iMac. I have previously used a MacBook with an iPad as an additional screen and I must say that on the large 24-inch 4480× screen 2520 pixels is much more convenient to work with. At first, however, there were problems with recording vocals and guitars – it went with a noticeable delay, but soon a small update of the program came out and everything worked fine. Plug-ins from third-party developers are connected without issues, as well as keyboards and other MIDI devices – in other words, everything works as it should.
    • 3D objects. My wife is an interior designer, and such a big screen and a powerful processor are a lifesaver for her. 3D objects move without the slightest delay, the picture is rendered quickly – it's much easier to work with than on her already slightly outdated 2013 iMac. She has not very complex projects – the design of apartments and small houses, so the power of the iMac 24″ (2021) is more than enough.
    • FaceTime. The iMac has a new 1080p FaceTime camera and facial recognition is handled by the same neural system as the iPhone and iPad, making for great video. Three noise-canceling microphones are responsible for sound transmission, so video conferences or video calls in FaceTime, Zoom or other messengers run as smoothly as possible and with excellent quality.

    Performs great home theater functions

    In the living room we have a big 50-inch TV with an Apple TV connected to it, and this is, in my opinion, an ideal solution for home theater. But if there is simply no room for a large screen in the apartment, or if you want to arrange a separate cinema in the bedroom or office, the iMac 24″ is perfect.

    iMac 24" M1Display:

    • 4,5K. About a big screen with a resolution not even 4K, but 4, I already wrote 5K, I will only add that it is also very bright – you can comfortably watch videos even in a sun-drenched room. But I would especially like to note the sound system of the computer, which can give odds even to an expensive medium-sized soundbar. Despite the body thickness of only 11.5 mm, as many as six speakers are installed at the bottom of the screen – four low-frequency and two high-frequency ones.
    • Sound. The sound is loud, rich, bass, and even spatial audio in Dolby Atmos soundtracks. While working or just for fun, you can comfortably listen to music without external speakers. To be honest, I did not expect such a sound from a desktop computer, and I do not remember a single model that would impress me so much.

    It is possible to create your own configuration

    If earlier the main advantage of a desktop computer was the possibility of an upgrade, then today, in more “civilized” times, in my opinion, an upgrade has lost all meaning. If, again, leaving aside the gaming function of the computer, it should be noted that that today applications do not become more and more. Resource-demanding with each new processor model – the race for MHz, as it seems to me, has already ended. Now, a more valuable advantage is the stability of work in any conditions and any applications. And in this regard, it is difficult to compete with Apple computers.

    iMac 24" M1 However, each user has different system configuration requirements. Someone needs more memory, someone needs a capacious drive. Fine, that Apple provides such a choice already at the stage of ordering an iMac – you just go to the company's official website and assemble your model piece by piece. At the same time, being sure that no one will slip you a crooked memory or disk.

    What I liked about the Apple iMac (2021)

    • Modern, elegant, minimalistic design.
    • Slim, light, compact design
    • A powerful processor that can handle all everyday tasks and some professional ones.
    • Ability to choose configuration upon purchase.
    • Integrated Full-HD camera with intelligent software
    • Six built-in speakers deliver high-quality audio and support for spatial audio.
    • High-resolution 4.5K screen with P3 wide color gamut (over 1 billion colors), True Tone technology and 500 nits of brightness.
    • Ability to select from seven body colors.
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