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Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Review

Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Review
10 February 2023

    The long-awaited update to Amazfit's Bip line is here! Fitness trackers of this series have been appreciated by users for their excellent combination of cost and features. It's time to check if the manufacturer has remained true to this formula in the new generation.


    Since the time of Amazfit Bip S, there have been some changes with the company itself. Firstly, the global division is now called Zepp Health, after the company acquired by Huami in 2018, for the same reason the application has recently been called Zepp. Otherwise, no change, the manufacturer still produces Amazfit devices. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro

    True, in the case of the hero of the review, the naming is slightly incomprehensible: was there a second generation? Or can the Bip U model be considered as it? Nevertheless, the novelties came out under the name Bip 3, the nominally older model was tested. It differs from the basic one by the presence of a built-in GPS, therefore, except for this aspect, the user experience will be the same.

    Appearance, ergonomics

    The gadget comes in a long colorful box with an ascetic bundle and is a fitness tracker in a quite familiar watch format. Visually, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is very similar to Bip U and this is understandable: the same rectangular body, the same materials, similar shapes, the same button on the side. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro designErgonomics:

    • Button. This is the only physical control on the device. Yes, the button is scrollable, but managing the menu list in this way will not work, there is no such functionality. So, anything touch control, or pressing the notorious button to activate the screen or go back one screen. A long press on the button will switch to the training mode by default, you will need to select the type of current activity, this item is configured in the tracker menu.
    • Rounding. The display bezels have a slight pleasant rounding, like the main body of the gadget, nothing crashes into the hand. And in general, over the years of work with wearable devices, the manufacturer has perfected their ergonomics by 150%. The strap is comfortable, soft, the width is 20 mm, and it will not be difficult to find an alternative option for every taste. It won't take long to change the strap. For this, convenient latches are provided in the design.
    • Weight. I was pleased with the low weight of the device, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is practically not felt on the hand. The watch case is quite compact, the platform with the sensor does not put much pressure on the wrist, the strap fixation is reliable, in general, there are no questions regarding the comfort of wearing. Unless someone then you like watches with a round case, in which case you can find fault.


    The screen of Amazfit Bip 3 Pro is protected by anti-shock glass with an oleophobic coating. Fingerprints are almost invisible, even if they remain, they are erased instantly. Diagonal and resolution is enough for adequate reading of information and notifications. The readability of the screen on the street is good, however, under the sun, even at maximum brightness, it can be difficult to distinguish the details of the text or image. Amazfit Bip 3 Pro ReviewDisplay:

    • TFT. But it could have been better, and I think that many Bip fans have already understood what the matter is from the point with the characteristics. The model suffered a failure of the transfection display, which was a kind of feature of the line. Instead, the test gadget uses a TFT panel, simple, reliable, with reasonable brightness and color reproduction.
    • Always-On. For my taste, if you already decided to abandon the iconic display, then you could add an AMOLED screen to the Pro version and make the gadget a little pricier. Apparently, I got used to such matrices and the not quite deep black color on the TFT display caught my eye at first. It is clear that the Always-On mode is out of the question, many users consider this functionality important.

    Menu and settings

    First, I will dwell separately on notifications. When connected to the gadget, they come clearly and quickly, but they can’t be answered in any way. They can be removed from the tracker screen, but they will remain on the device. It would probably be better if they were deleted everywhere, maybe something will change in this regard after the software update.

    Amazfit Bip 3 Pro Application:

    • Modes. As for the interface logic, everything here is familiar from the brand's past products. In the “curtain” pulled out from above there are quick switches – do not disturb mode, brightness, alarm clock and settings. The alarm clock can be set without the app, which is a big plus for those like me who use the tracker as a silent way to get up on time.
    • Watch face. In the settings, you can select the watch face (although for some reason, only two options are stored in memory), the display backlight off time, screen lock, activation by raising a hand and when a notification arrives. In the paragraph about the system, you can reset the device to factory settings or reboot. Of the finer settings – vibration strength, time and date format, quick access apps.
    • Monitoring. When swiping left/right from the main screen, the quick access application bar contains the main monitoring items by default – activity (steps, running, standing rest), heart rate, blood oxygen saturation, level of stress and PAI (personal activity index).
    • Measurements. To get the results in the last paragraph, you need to activate per-minute heartbeat measurement, which is expected to affect autonomy, but also give a more accurate understanding of the load over the monitoring period. By default, after the monitoring modes, there are tabs with the weather forecast and switching songs (connection to a smartphone / tablet is required). As I mentioned, their list and order is customizable, very convenient and minimizes the use of a smartphone.
    • 60 different workouts. There are 60 different workouts for athletes, they are conveniently divided into categories in the Amazfit Bip 3 Pro menu. Monitoring results are recorded in a special log, subsequently synchronized with the application, the usual scenario. The topic will also include the addition of GPS, for example, for those who likes to run or ride a bike, this functionality will be just right.
    • Tracking. Not without additional utilities available at the touch of a button from the main desktop. In addition to the listed monitoring functions, in this case, you can look at the results of tracking sleep and the female cycle, start breathing exercises, open the to-do list (compiled in the application).
    • More. The More tab hides the stopwatch, timer, world clock (configurable in the app), remote photography, and find phone (these two items require connection to the device). Worthy list, even for a relatively inexpensive tracker, it has already become a kind of standard.

    Application, autonomy

    The hero of the review does not aspire to the title of a truly “smart” watch, and although in many situations the device copes without a smartphone, but more complete customization is done through the Zepp app. We are already familiar with it from previous reviews of Amazfit devices, we did not add any special settings for Bip 3 Pro here. ZeppOS 2.0 At the same time, the parameters of the tracker are configured thoroughly and this pleases, for relatively little money the tracker turns into a fairly functional assistant. Corrected. In less than two weeks of use, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro ran out of battery by 56%. It should be understood that the first week I kept connecting my smartphone and exploring the capabilities of the device and application.

    Subsequently, the tracker was used mainly as an alarm clock and occasionally paired with a smartphone. In this mode, I expect 1 month of work from a single charge. The manufacturer himself claims 14 days with constant pairing with a smartphone. Of course, using GPS will drain your battery much faster. Charging is via a magnetic pad, a full charge takes about two hours. You can find alternative charging accessories online, but I would recommend keeping the original cable.

    Conclusions and Impressions

    Despite the rejection of the transfection display, Amazfit Bip 3 Pro still represent a multifunctional tracker for active (or not so) users, it can be easily customized to suit your scenarios. The design is universal, the black version is calm, there are other colors. The gadget is convenient to use, the controls are intuitive, the application is extremely useful, GPS has been added. In general, except for a number of personal “Wishlist” and the lack of an option to respond to notifications for 4990 rubles, the offer is quite worthy. And if the cost rolls back a little downward, then it will be all right.
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