The Role of Government in Co-operative Development emphasis on the economic growth of the nation and the eradication/alleviation of poverty among the populace.

The significant of the contribution of government towards the growth of co-operative society in the country (Nigeria) cannot be over emphasized because it has brought about the reduction of dependency rate of the country. This increasing the national income of the country. The government take no special interest in the co-operative movement outside providing it with the necessary legal basis for registration and under some circumstances, granting minor privilege in the form of reduced tax rate.

The aim of this project is to find out the role of Anaocha Co-operative society development, Anaocha local government area in Anambra state. The subjects used for the study consisted of four hundred and ninety-nine (499) Anaocha co-operators from six (six) registered Anaocha co-operatives in the same local government. Sample size was used in selecting these four hundred and ninety-nine (499) co-operators from the population of six registered Anaocha co-operatives societies in the local government. Questionnaire and oral interview were the major instruments used for the study.

A total of 550 questionnaires were administered to registered members of the co-operative societies. Out of this number, 499 were completed and returned, one more questionnaire was administered to the Divisional co-operative officer of Anaocha local government area. He also stressed on the need for the co-operative officers in Anaocha local government area to encourage the women to invest more to productive ventures than collection of individual loans from the co-operatives. This will help provide employment opportunities for the members and the people of Anaocha in general.




According to the co-operative law of Eastern Nigeria (CAP.28) of 1956 co-operative society is an association which has its objective the promotion of the economic interest of or the provision of services for its members in accordance with co-operative principles. Therefore, co-operative is a self help project.

Abinitio, co-operative were not supposed to be under government influences and control, though, co-operative were not supposed to work in isolation or in competition with government for is all states of the world political power is exercised for the state by government.

The government provides security for lives and property and also provides and enacts laws which enables business and co-operative to flourish. Beyond the level of work only for the interest of the member and betterment of the entire society.