Sexual Harassment and Academic Performance of Student of Public Colleges of Education

Sexual Harassment and Academic Performance of Student of Public Colleges of Education



1.1 Background of the study

Sexual harassment in the workplace is a form of violence against women, a violation of their human rights and an offence that is incompatible with human dignity. The sexual harassment rate in society has been as accelerated and an alarming increase in the most recent time and this has been a serious concern to many people in different facets of life.

Sexual harassment involved unwanted behaviours of a sexual nature a perception by the victim that creates a hostile intimidating and humiliating environment. It could involve physical content, expression of sexual coloured comments and jokes, and the exhibition of pornography or unnecessary and unwanted comments on the person. Many countries recognize sexual harassment occurs and the effects of sexual harassment. A very recent example is the incident that happens in one of the tertiary institutions in Ogun State during the first week in October, the year 2004, some set of, young boys were reported to have been raped, it was confirmed that these same set of young boys were instrumental of the death of one of the ladies while the others involved were hospitalized.

Who are those involved in this act of sexual harassment in tertiary institutions, could they be male alone or men academic staff? Who could be victims of this, act in tertiary institution young ladies alone or young boys, female and male staff? What could be the perceived consequence of sexual harassment on its victim? Could it produce feelings of revulsion, damage victim health result in emotional trauma and the like? All the above became a concern of the researcher thus, interest to work along the lines and find out a possible solution to these barberries act.

1.2 Statement of the problem

Sexual harassment is a problem of its own and is one of the anti-socio behaviour which makes the victim lose their self-esteem and self-worth, sexual harassment such as rape. This could lead to an untimely death for those involved or for the student who also leads to psychological disorder on the part of the victim and it would make the student that falls in psychological disorder which will affect the academic performance of such victim.

Sexual harassment can also bring about stigmatization, the student may become stigmatize either the student are aware of the fact that an individual has once been harassed either sexually or other way and look at individual student each time the person or victim seems in a way that can bring emotional disturbances to the victim if he or she is aware through the way of the other that student or person around views him/her of sexual harassment which may hinder the academic performance of such victim to put much effort in his/her academic and could also lead to set back for such victim.

Thus, withdrawal from another student can influence them positively in his/her academic like in the cause of assignment, test, exam to avoid labelling during the academic performance. Sexual harassment lead to post-traumatic stress disorder and it makes the victim perform poorly in his/her academic as a result of what the victim experience when raped or another way, sexual harassment has also been found to lead to death from exhaustion as well as suicide and a dead person has no cotter or effort to put into his/her academic.

1.3 Purpose of study

The purpose of this research work is to find how to alleviate the act of sexual harassment and academic performance of students to prevent the occurrence of its likely negative impacts such as stigmatization, emotional disturbances, post-traumatic stress disorder and untimely death on the victim. This could be achieved probably with the use of community awareness, criminal system, educating the judiciary, the police as expected; the purpose of this study is to get the perceived cause of sexual in Ogun state public college of education.

1.4 Significance of the study

The significance of this study is to reduce, the occurrence of sexual harassment. It is also for the avoidance of the negative effect like post-traumatic stress disorder, untimely death that it may have on the victim which may reduce internal (Inner) motivation of an individual to carry out activities that could be beneficial to both the individual and the immediate society.

It is also essential to have a better stay in future when it comes to the issue of the sexual act so that it is not harshly acted if a legislative measure that is achievable is implemented most especially in our tertiary institution since this student shall serve as parents, leaders, rulers, teacher and like in future, to make all our students be equipped with good societal behaviour through legislation enforcement in all standing tertiary institution.

1.5 Research Questions

1. The reason why students fall victim be sexual harassment and how is their academic performance?

2. If the student fell into a victim of sexual harassment can they cope in their academics?

3. Is there any difference between the perception of the student and the indigence of Omu in the cause of sexual harassment?

4. Does any doubt that lead to student sexual harassment from their parent can also lead to the student to sexually harass?

If these following statements have now been looked into then this certain question must now be answered.

a. Is it true that there is sexual harassment among the students?

b. Does sexual harassment has any effect on student academic?

i. Parents/guidance.

ii. Teacher/lecturer.

iii. School administration.

iv. School adviser.

v. College mate, coursemate, roommate and student themselves.

1.6 Justification of the study

There is numerous researcher on sexual harassment and especially on rape in Nigeria with no in-depth study on evaluating of sexual harassment in academic performance of the student in Ogun State.

However, this study will try to establish the possible cause of sexual possible solution as a means of remanding this problem these being done will guide the student and the institution, lecturer, parents or guidance, staff, non-trenching staff and so on, in dealing or relating with a student in general.

1.7 Limitation of the study

There is a limitation in getting the cause of the sexual harassment because those sexual harassed were not old enough to say it out for the fear of shame and some other reasons best known to them, this research work will only consider the perceived caused of sexual harassment the implication it has victim academic performance and the way out.

1.8 Definition of terms

1. Sexual harassment: Is verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, and unwanted unsolicited and repeated or verbal sexual advance.

2. Academic performance: It simply means how well or badly the input or reading and studying of a student rather than practical and technical skills.

3. Stigmatization: This means an act of labelling, labelling in this content means a name given to an individual as a result of an act or behaviour once done.

4. Post-traumatic stress disorder: This is anxiety that reflects as a persistent psychological problem due to exposure to stressful pain and trauma in an earlier life.

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