The Effectiveness of Laboratory and Resources in the Teaching/Learning of Physics


The Effectiveness of Laboratory and Resources in the Teaching/Learning of Physics


Science had been of great importance internationally for sustainable and socio-economic development as well as for technological advancement of nations. Knowledge of science and technology is therefore a requirement in all countries and needed by all people globally due to numerous challenges that are facing them. These challenges include emergences of new drug resistant diseases, effects of genetic experimentation and engineering, ecological impact of modern technology, dangers of nuclear war and explosions and global warming among others (Alsop & Hicks, 2001; Omolo & Munyeke, 2014). This had resulted to rapid changes taking place in the field of science such as in physics education, medicine, industry, communication, and agriculture. Science as an agent of development plays an important role in bringing about these changes through technological advancement, national wealth enhancement, health improvement and industrialization (Validya, 2013), this is why scientific and technological breakthrough is usually the goal of any developing nation like Nigeria. According to Weham, Dorlin, Snell & Taylor (2010) physics is and will remain the fundamental science. Hence, Physics as the bedrock of science and technology becomes many of the tools on which the scientific and technological advancement depends on.

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