The impact of Road Transportation has proved to the only logical basis for the sustenance of the educational services such as Federal polytechnic Nekede Owerri.


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Food production is geographically disposed and the task of linking the several food production centers with the consumption centers instance is critically dependent on physical distribution.

According to Owen (1969:86) that the wide variety of Nigeria food would not be available without the complex of transportation system which serves the food industry from product, therefore depend upon translation for the creation and preservation of their value.

Based on the above reasoning, the impact as well as very important to the road transportation system is also investigated the study with a particular reference to the marketing of consumer goods in Imo State metropolis the guest to achieve self suffering food production is one of the highest priority areas facing most of the worlds people to day, it is also a problem that threatens to worsen rapidly in the years ahead.

According to Okereke (1984:4:6:60) on the road transportation of the marketing of consumers goods that the interaction between transportation and consumers economic development is always a subject of theoretical interest and practical important while, some regard transport improvement as indispensable to an acceleration of the development process, other look at transport development as a result of rather than a cause of economic development.


Transportation is an important aspect when it comes to the marketing of consumer goods in Nigeria.

Based on the above reasoning, the impact as well as the importance of road transportation system is investigated in this study. The Nigeria trade journals vol. 9 no 1 January to March 1961, on nation food and organization conference (FAO) that the food requirements of the developing nation will increase by a staggering 125% by 1989. on the other hand problems relating to rural inaccessible have continued to play the world and in particular Nigeria distribution.

However, at is on basis that government transport policy makers should intensify efforts to input the transportation system especially in road network system. Their collection or individual efforts and endeavors should be directed towards fighting a war against hunger, and providing necessary transport activities and services and contribute to decision investment decision in related areas that can help the supply of additional food and its distribution to consumer.


Ever since the beginning of time, consumers and transportation have always co-existed inseparably. This is not just because the source food and fiber or other economic product measurable accessible and on being collected be distributed to markets, ports and factories came services-operation are necessary conditions for effectively and efficient physical distribution of consumers goods.

Transportation network is a cornerstone of the media food marketing system. Transportation serves as a means of moving goods ideas, and information geared towards increasing productivity.

In Nigeria, road constitute the most important introductive in the structural transportation of her consumer products in Imo State metropolis, most of the road transverse a territory of shop contrast in climate, soil, and vegetations and this hinders consumer progress. Even where such roads are in a fair condition, there is the problem caused by poor maintenance, lack of adequate executive capacity, lack of suitable materials and management problem. The vicious combination of these factors is that costs are higher

Besides, if consumers is to respond to the growing demand then it will be necessary to evolve a expedite and reduce the cost of the flow of consumer commodities information and all sorts of rural services to enable it contribute meaningful to general economic growth. The task involves a large additional to rural network and maintaining existing road, the expansion of storage and processing facilities and financing the total system.


This study will attempt to relate road transportation to the economy as regards to the marketing of consumer’s goods in Imo State metropolis.

The objectives of the study include;

  1. To determine the extent of which road transportation system has affected the marketing of consumer goods.
  2. To offer useful recommendations with a view make the marketing of consumer goods a successful and effective in Imo State metropolis.
  3. To identify those factors that is directly or indirectly related to the marketing of consumer goods and to what extent they have contributed to it.
  4. To find out whether transportation system in road network system improved the marketing of consumers in Nigeria.
  5. To find out how road transportation system help consumers in the distribution of their products in Nigeria.


This investigation is seeking solution from the following question;

  1. The nature of road transport system in Imo State metropolis affects the marketing if consumer goods?
  2. Does inaccessibility reduce the incentive to produce?
  3. Does the cost of transportation affect the price of consumer products?
  4. Does consumer usually want their product delivered to them through road transport?


The increase interest in this study is due to the gainful and developmental inputs consumer can make to the economy and most importantly to the tremendous impact of transportation infrastructural on regional economics.

This is because transport and development as well as consumers are usually closely related since such of them influences the fortunes and the relative rate of growth of the others.

The significance of the study after their highlighted considering that in Nigeria, the road is the only mode of transport by which all the states of the Federation are linked.

Finally, it serves as a stimulant guide for further research in this area especially in this era of population explosion and impending food shortage.


In Imo State metropolis, most of the consumer goods are: yam, garri, cassava, maize, palm oil. These are produced in the village located in the remote town, because of difference in ecological factors such as climate, soil, texture etc, are produced more in the village several types of food and other consumer goods than others.

Taking cognizance of the fact that the study corners the entire Imo State metropolis, as a result of death of time, therefore, it would be fire some and almost impossible to visit all the town in Imo State metropolis. Secondly, because of the attendants cost involved it the whole towns should be visited cannot be afforded by the researcher coupled also with the year academic work and recognize that Orlu some is the greatest producer of the main food item; yam, garri, cassava etc. the study restricted and limited the after zone investigating the impact of road transport system on the marketing of consumer goods in Imo metropolis.


An exercise of this nature is usually beset with difficulties of various kinds like most research works being conducted in developing country like Nigeria, this study is subject to some where limitations which includes; collection of data, financial primary data since most of the respondents are illiterates and therefore unable to complete the questionnaires without assistance or interpretation.

There was equally a problem in the collection of secondary data because not much has been written by Nigeria in the area of consumer goods and road transport network.

Finally, there was time consistent resulting to inability to cover all the relevant areas that fall within the study.


Considering that the subject matter of the study is the impact of road transportation system in the marketing of road transportation system on the marketing of consumer goods in Nigeria, a definition of the concepts should include the following;

  1. CONSUMER GOODS: Could be defined as those goods that are needed for the satisfaction of the consumers needs, just to mention but few, (Garri, Yam and Tomatoes).
  2. MARKETING: It can be defined as the performer of all business activities that direct the flow of goods and services from the producer to the consumer user. Marketing according to Kotler (1989) as a human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through exchange process.
  3. TRANSPORTATION:This is as system carrying people or goods from one place to another using vehicles or roads.