This research work is designed to investigate the relevance of advertising to sales expansion. It is also meant to reveal the problem that companies encountered in caring out advertising activities and to expose the reasons why a planned advertising programme may fail. The first chapter deals introduction of the study, the objectives of the study, the significance, the scope and limitation of the study, as well as the historical background of the case study Nigeria Bottling company (NBC) Plc, Asejire and also the definition of terms. Chapter two takes care of the literature review. Definition of advertising and its element. Chapter three consist of the research methodology, population of study and the sample size, the instrument used to collect data, the data treatment technique and the limitation of the methodology. Chapter four contained the actual research work. The data collected are analysed, interpreted and presented in this chapter. Chapter five gave a summary of discoveries and findings, conclusions arrived at. Recommendations are also given based on the findings of the researcher.