30 Top Argumentative Research Paper Topics in 2020

Top Argumentative Research Paper Topics in 2020

As a student, you will be usually given a theme or topic to write about and all you need to do is then do the research to find all the necessary information that you require to write your essay or assignment. However, when it comes to a research paper, you will have to select your own topic to write about and for some students, this can prove difficult. Some students feel like they develop writer’s block in this situation or the topic is not interesting, so difficulties arise when it comes to writing. However, you need to turn this on its head and look at it as you are lucky to be able to pick your own topic.

30 Top Argumentative Research Paper Topics in 2020

What is an argumentative research paper?

When writing an argumentative research paper you need to take a particular stance on your chosen topic. To write a good argumentative research paper you need to persuade your readers to support and understand your point of view about your chosen topic. You do this by providing evidence and reasoning to back up your point of view. Usually, healthcare, politics, technology, and science are good topics for argumentative research papers.

Selecting a topic for your argumentative research paper

The first thing you need to consider is that your research paper will not be A grade if you choose a topic that does not create discussion. Therefore, you need to pick a topic that is controversial and doesn’t have an answer, and this way you can argue from both points of view. Consider the below statement when choosing an argumentative topic for a research paper:

  • The aim is not to look at moral issues as it is not possible to have a logical discussion on the topic
  • You feel enthusiastic about what you are writing
  • The topic you have chosen will hit a raw nerve and the people reading your research paper may be affected by it
  • After reading your research paper people left with an after-feel which means they will  continue to think about it
  • There are no solid facts which back up your point of view

You also need to bear in mind that an argumentative research paper needs to display these three set of skills:

  1. Analytical skills
  2. Writing skills
  3. Research skills

If any of these three skills are a weak point for you then it’s worth contacting a research paper service for some professional writing assistance from academic experts.

30 top argumentative research paper topics 

Take a look through our list of topics to help you decide what argumentative research paper you could write:

  1. Should animals be tested on?
  2. Does religion cause war?
  3.  Should doctors be allowed to switch off life support machines of patients who will not be alive without them?
  4. Should prisoners be allowed to vote?
  5. Does the death penalty work?
  6. Is it immoral to kill a murderer?
  7. Should everyone have a higher education?
  8. Is social media destroying real-life communication?
  9. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  10. Should parents of obese children be punished?
  11. If parents divorce, should children be asked who they wish to live with?
  12. Do you consider art to be a profession?
  13. Do same-sex parents have a negative influence on a child’s mentality?
  14. Should teenagers be allowed plastic surgery without their parent’s permission?
  15. Does school uniform eradicate the rich and poor divide?
  16. Should people be tested before they become parents?
  17. Are girls more aggressive to each other these days?
  18. Should suicide be legalized?
  19. Should you be able to refuse treatment for religious reasons?
  20. Is it acceptable to clone humans?
  21. Is graffiti vandalism or art?
  22. Do parents create gender stereotypes?
  23. Should we legalize sex work?
  24. Is it a waste of money to explore space?
  25. Is obesity a mental or physical issue?
  26. Should surrogacy be legalized?
  27. Does technology cause people to feel lonely?
  28. Should we be able to use drugs to enhance cognition?
  29. Do long term relationships bring happiness?
  30. Should doctors be able to promote medication?

Writing your thesis statement for a research paper

Your thesis statement will only be a sentence long but it is the most crucial part of your research paper. You will need to put your thesis statement in your introductory paragraph and it summarizes what your argumentative research paper will cover. Take a look at the below steps which will show you how to get your point across in a concise and clear manner:

  • Outline your main points. Once you’ve introduced your main point, you need to explain how you will back up this point. The reason why this is an effective method to follow is that it gives your readers a very clear track of what you will discuss in your research paper. It’s also a very effective method to keep you on track and organized.
  • Turn your chosen topic into a question which you then answer. In the title of your research paper set up a question within the first couple of sentences. In your thesis statement, you need to then begin to answer this question. This is an effective method as it keeps your reader guessing and draws your reader to the point where they want to continue to read your work to come to a solution.
  • Choose an argument Then prove it wrong. Begin by putting forward an idea that goes against your own beliefs and explain why you disagree with this idea. This method is also effective as it uses concrete evidence to display the credibility of your argument.

The different kinds of argument claims

Once you have decided on the point of view that you are arguing, and you have your thesis statement prepared, you need to think about how you are going to present your argument. There are five ways  that you could do this:

  1. Cause and Effect. What has caused the problem in your research paper and what effect has this had?
  2. Value. How important is your argument?
  3. Fact. Is your statement true or is it false?
  4. Policy. What should the reader do after reading your research paper and why should they care?
  5. Definition. Your interpretation of your argument as well as the dictionary definition

Structuring your argumentative research paper

Consider one of the below ways when it comes to structuring your paper, you could even combine them.

  • Toulmin: Put your claim forward, highlight the grounds you have to back up this claim and then justify any grounds linked to the claim.
  • Rogerian: Put forward the problem, state the opposing point of view, state your own point of view you, and describe why your point of view is so beneficial.
  • Classical: Put forward the main argument and mention your opinion. Convince your reader that your point of view is the correct point of view. 

Feel free to find more interesting research paper topics you can easily use in your college writing.

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