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New Apple Watch Series 8 Review

New Apple Watch Series 8 Review
18 February 2023


    Introducing the Apple Watch Series 8 review, a new smartwatch that motivates you to get more physical activity and take care of your health. With such a gadget, all the necessary applications will always be at hand, and monitoring your health will become even easier. Further, in the article we discuss the characteristics of the Apple Watch 8, how they look and what new features have been added to the functionality.

    Pros and Cons

    All gadgets have both advantages and disadvantages, but a potential user needs to know about them before buying. These aspects are critical, for example: the device has a beautiful design, many functions and a decent price, but the battery lasts for 1 day of use, which, of course, does not suit the buyer. For this, we have taken out the pros and cons below.

    What we liked about the Apple Watch Series 8

    • Advanced design and comfortable ergonomics.
    • New S8 processor, the watch is fast, nimble, and smooth.
    • New temperature sensor, rather convenient temperature monitoring.
    • Bright 60Hz OLED display.
    • With the power saving feature, the watch lasts a long time for Apple Watch.

    The Apple Series 8 has both pros and cons, which we'll talk about later. Well, if we discuss the advantages, I want to highlight the frameless display, it is very convenient and comfortable to use it.

    What we didn't like about the Apple Watch Series 8

    • Although autonomy has grown, it is not enough for comfortable use.
    • High cost.
    • Can only work with iPhone.
    • There are quite a few innovations regarding the Apple Series 7.

    Specs, display, and performance

    The gadget received greater energy efficiency, a brighter display than last year's model and a new processor. Below is a detailed review of the Apple Series 8 in terms of specifications.

    Apple Watch Series 8 SpecificationsDevice hardware:

    The display has got smooth rounded corners, due to which the transition to the case has become more inconspicuous. The screen diagonal is 1.9 inches. You can buy watches in sizes 41 and 45 mm. The screen brightness has increased to 1000 nits, which guarantees excellent readability in any light. Implemented a more energy efficient Always-On Display mode.

    The processor is installed S8 with 64-bit 2-core CPU, which received basic updates and some improvements. Performance improvements include less power consumption without power loss and faster information processing for immediate emergency response. watchOS has also been updated. The gadget will now run on watchOS 9.

    Familiar design and feel

    Let's move on to an overview of the design of this gadget. The compact case is made in a rectangular shape with rounded corners and edges, making the device comfortable to wear on the wrist. The gadget does not cling to clothes and does not crash into the hand. On the side, you can see the Apple-branded Digital Crown, which can be customized. Customers can choose from a model made of aluminum or stainless steel. Both materials are resistant to damage, and the protection of the case against moisture and dust, WR50 allows you to submerge the watch to a depth of 50 meters.

    Watches are offered in the following shades:

    • White;
    • Black;
    • Silver;
    • Red;
    • Gold;
    • Graphite.
    On the back side there are sensors for the correct operation of all systems, and almost the entire front part is occupied by a touch screen. In the new model, the display was made larger, and the frames around the perimeter were smaller, making the device look concise and attractive. On the screens of models with a steel case, a sapphire protective glass is installed.

    New features in watchOS 9

    watchOS 9 What's new in watchOS 9?

    • Dials. Six new watch faces: “Megapolis”, “Moon”, “Time to play”, “Astronomy”, “Portraits” and “Modules”;
    • Medications. The Medications feature is now available. Users can set up a list of medicines to be taken. You can set the appointment time and select personalized icons;
    • Sleep phases. The developers have also added sleep phase tracking;
    • Power saving mode. An extreme power saving mode has become available to users, which doubles the operating time of the device;
    • Position zones. In training, the function of tracking heart rate zones has appeared;
    • Shadow running. Shadow running has been added to running routes. The user can compete with their best result;
    • Activity changes. In triathlon mode, the watch now automatically determines the change in activity from running to swimming and cycling;
    • Parental controls. There are also features for parents whose children do not yet use the iPhone, but already wear the Apple Watch;
    • New notifications. Added compact, informative iPhone-style notifications, which now pop up from the top instead of covering the entire screen.
    watchOS 9 is a worthy upgrade in my opinion. Apple has long been on the path of improving existing tools and carefully introducing new ones. Of course, all the chips can be felt after using older watches, that do not support this update. But even if you do not need this or that application, it can always be useful. Have you always been able to keep track of your medications? Perhaps, but with the application, it seems to me, it is easier and more interesting to do this. Not interested in designing watches? Well, You can fix everything and play around with the dials. Each update has something for everyone to enjoy.

    Skin temperature sensor

    A double sensor for measuring body temperature is installed, due to which the deviation in the indicators does not exceed 0.1 degrees. Accurate measurement of body temperature allows you to determine the current state of the body. Temperature fluctuations can be caused by jet lag, alcohol consumption, illness, and hormone activity.

    Limited Temperature Sensing Capabilities

    Of the features and limitations, it can be noted: high sensitivity, thereby high accuracy (0.1)°C. You can measure the temperature during sleep at an interval of 5 seconds. This high sensitivity has been achieved through the use of a dual-sensor design, one located on the back of the device and the other below the display.
    Apple claims that this design helps to eliminate interference from the external environment. Unfortunately, it is impossible to measure the temperature when you want (forcibly), only monitoring.

    Crash Detection in Apple Watch Series 8

    Crash Detection is an algorithm which will only be available to owners of the latest iPhones and Apple Watches. And this limitation is because in its work the algorithm is based on the indicators of various sensors and sensors, which are not foreseen by the designs of gadgets of past generations. We are talking about the gyroscope and accelerometer, GPS, barometer, microphones and advanced motion detection algorithms. The resulting data is processed into a data cluster consisting of 1,000,000 driving hours and crash test results. Thus, when you get into a car, whether it is public transport or a private car, in the passenger or driver's seat, your Apple device will always be ready. And if a serious collision is detected, if there is no answer from you, it will itself contact the relevant services, saying that the person was in a car accident and has not responded for 10 seconds, as well as transmitting the approximate coordinates of your location.

    According to the developers, this function can detect front, rear and side collisions, as well as vehicle rollovers. We cannot confirm or deny this, and we hope that you yourself will not have the opportunity to personally check this chip. Moreover, given the amount of work, applied when creating Crash Detection and how proud Apple is of the result, it can be assumed that everything works perfectly. And failure with such an important function, which many drivers will rely on, will entail serious consequences for the corporation.

    Battery Life and Low-Power Mode

    The gadget is equipped with a lithium – ion battery, which guarantees autonomy for up to 16 hours with active use. And with the included energy-saving mode, the autonomy of the device reaches 36 hours. Fast charging is supported, allowing you to restore up to 80% of the charge in 30–40 minutes.

    Extreme power saving mode available, extending the time of the watch twice. Such autonomy in this mode is achieved by disabling many functions, such as: Disabling Always On Display and Cellular connectivity.

    All the new features in Apple Watch Series 8

    Apple Watch Series 8 ReviewAn overview of what's new in this device:

    • Women's needs. Thanks to temperature measurement and advanced algorithms, the bracelet can determine the onset of ovulation, which will help women during the family planning period. In addition, this approach allows you to track the menstrual cycle, which is important for women's health. After all, an irregular menstrual cycle can indicate serious diseases of the female reproductive and hormonal system.
    • Car crash. An essential update to the Apple Watch 8 is the detection of a car crash. With the new G-force accelerometer, microphones, GPS and 3-axial gyroscope, the device recognizes a collision with your car. If an accident is detected, the watch can independently call the rescue service and medical assistance. In addition, the device specifies the coordinates of the accident so that it is easy for services to locate the user.
    • List of activities. In the device series, the list of activities in the Fitness+ and Workouts.
    • Running training. The possibilities of the device have expanded for fans of running training. During your run, the device detects your stride length and ground contact time. This approach allows you to make running even more productive.
    • Health. You can also track the intake of drugs in the smartwatch. In the Health app on the iPhone, there is a Medications item, which displays the drugs taken by the user. Now, when synchronizing with the iPhone, the smartwatch will also remind you of the next pill.
    • Monitoring phases and quality of sleep. Among other updates, the novelty received improved algorithms for tracking phases and quality of sleep. After waking up, the user will be able to see what his night's rest was like.
    • SOS. SOS emergency call button. By holding down the side button, the smartwatch can call local emergency services by indicating your location.
    • Workout. Fall detection is another new option, which is available in the Workout app. With this option, the watch independently determines whether there has been a sharp drop, and also establishes whether the user is moving. If the wearer is stationary, the device calls emergency services.
    • watchOS 9. Apple Watch Series 8 gets all the benefits of the new OS, including personalization and focus modes. Also added some new text and watch face styles.
    • Nike and Hermes. Presented new straps from Nike and Hermes are suitable for stylish and sporty users. In addition to the straps, Apple has developed additional watch face designs.
    • Rhythm of the heart. Apple Series 8 can measure your temperature and heart rate every 5 seconds during the night or day for the most accurate indication of your health.
    • New possibilities in heart rate measurement. The gadget automatically calculates heart rate zones based on health data and training intensity.
    • Autonomy. Furthermore, the gadget has increased autonomy, which allows you to use the potential of the device by 100%.

    Apple Watch Series 8: competitors

    Apple Watch New SeriesDirect competitors include:

    • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
    • Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro
    • Amazfit GTS 4
    • Amazfit GTR 4 Pro
    • Apple Watch Ultra
    • Xiaomi Watch S1 Pro
    This list is more relevant for Android users because Apple watches will not work with many functions when working with Android.

    Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch Series 7

    Apple Watch Series 7 VS Apple Watch Series 8Comparison:


    Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 8
    Display OLED; 1000nit OLED; 1000nit
    Resolution 396×484 396×484
    Battery 308mAh 308mAh
    Bluetooth 5.0 5.3
    Processor S7 S8
    Prices $299 $399

    Detailed comparison of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Series 7


    The appearance of the models is the same – a rectangular case in sizes 41 and 45 mm with a rounding, made of 100% recycled aluminum and stainless steel. Both options have excellent protection against damage, dust, and moisture. Last year's model was also offered in titanium, and this year, only watches from the new Ultra line were made of titanium alloy. Series 8 color palette: black, silver, white, red. Three glossy shades are available for the steel case: silver, gold, graphite. The 7th line was offered in the following colors: red, blue, black, white, and green. Apple Watch 8 adds new straps and stylish watch faces. The Hermes Diagonal finely perforated leather strap and Metal with chunky silver chain complete your casual and sporty style. Also expanded the palette of shades of bracelets from Nike. The new woven Just Do It bracelet pairs well with Nike-inspired watch faces. And for the new Hermes straps, there is a new Lucky Horse main screen.


    If we compare Apple Series 8 and 7 by displays, they are almost identical. Both gadgets have the same screen size, resolution, and brightness. Series 8 received a small addition – support for Force Touch technology, which recognizes pressure with effort. 


    Another difference between Apple Series 8 and 7 is different processors: S8 and S7, respectively. It is believed that S8 is better than its predecessor. But there is almost no actual difference in performance for the average user. The main task of the new chip is to ensure the correct operation of new systems and sensors, as well as the energy efficiency of the device. The compared models have the same amount of built-in memory – 32 GB. 

    watchOS 9

    The novelty is based on watchOS 9, which was presented at the WWDC 2022 summer conference for developers. The operating system has received some improvements, new modes and options. The smartwatch can detect the presence of atrial fibrillation, and also added attractive watch faces with new fonts: Modular, Lunar, Metropolitan and Astronomy. This OS also remains quite functional and provides comfortable use of the gadget. watchOS 8 brings improved outdoor cycling modes. When you stop while cycling, the smartwatch automatically pauses and activates at the beginning of the movement. Also added new workouts including Pilates, squash, Chinese martial arts. To improve mental health, the “Thinking” option has been added. And also the applications “Home” and “Wallet” is worked out. Using digital keys, you can easily open the doors of the office and home.


    By adding new options and installing an energy-efficient processor, new model runs longer on a single full charge than the previous model. Now the maximum autonomy of the Apple Watch 8 reaches 36 hours, and in the active mode of use – up to 16 hours. Compared to the Apple Series 8 – Series 7, it provides up to 18 hours of uninterrupted operation on a single charge. But the charging time for both models is identical. The clock can be recharged up to 80% in just 45 minutes, and 8 minutes of recharging is enough to track an 8-hour night's rest. 

    Then the new smartwatch 8 is better than 7: main features

    Although the new model looks the same as the previous one, inside the smartwatch has changed a lot. This year, the Cupertino has focused on women's health and safety. Apple Watch Series 7 featuresNext, we talk about the new features of the Apple Watch 8:

    • Body temperature. The gadget has a dual sensor for measuring body temperature, which achieves maximum measurement accuracy. Body temperature can indicate various conditions of the body, including serious diseases.
    • Sensor. The temperature sensor also detects menstrual cycles and ovulation. This will help when planning the conception of children, as well as for tracking women's health and hormonal levels.
    • Help keep users healthy and alive. Apple Watch 8 will help keep users healthy and alive. The smartwatch has a Crash Detection option, which allows you to determine the presence of a car accident. Thanks to various sensors and advanced algorithms, the device recognizes a collision with your car from the side, back and front. If you are stationary, the gadget calls for help on its own and sends the coordinates of the car accident, spending no more than 3 seconds on it.
    • SOS. Furthermore, for greater safety, Apple has improved the SOS signal and the fall detection function. In the event of dangerous situations, the clock sends an emergency signal.
    • Workout and Fitness. The new product expanded the list of activities in the Workout and Fitness + applications.
    • Updated running mode. Apple smartwatches can now detect ground contact time and stride length during a run. These indicators will help make running workouts even more productive.
    • Improved the sleep tracking function. You can view what the sleep was like, the phases, the duration of the night's rest and the time of awakening. Furthermore, during sleep, you can measure body temperature, pulse, and the amount of oxygen in the blood.
    • Added heart rate zones. They are automatically generated based on your physical activity, and you can also create pulse phases yourself. This approach will avoid overwork during training and make them as effective as possible.
    • Medicines. The watch has added the “Medicines” application, which works with the “Health” add-on when connected to an iPhone. In this application, you can track the intake of drugs, prescribed by the doctor.
    In this case, Apple Watch Series 8 looks more advantageous, but if you look at the price, Apple Watch 7 is more profitable relative to its older brother. Well, unless, of course, you need a thermometer or a new processor.

    Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch SE 2

    Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch SE 2Comparison:


    Apple Watch SE 2022 Apple Watch Series 8
    Display OLED; 1000nit OLED; 1000nit
    Resolution 448×368 396×484
    Battery 296mAh 308mAh
    Bluetooth 5.3 5.3
    Processor S8 S8
    Prices $249


    Detailed comparison of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch SE 2022


    The cases of the Series 8 and SE 2022 do not change the stylistic traditions of their predecessors and are practically the same in appearance. So, the eighth generation is represented by many options that have two fundamental differences: the size and material are 41 mm and 45 mm, and stainless steel and aluminum. SE 2, made of aluminum and with its dimensions of 40 mm and 44 mm, it is the most compact, so it is better suited for people with fragile hands, women, or children. The models are waterproof, but while the Series 8 and SE 2 are rated to dive up to 40 meters.


    Apple Watch 2022 display All models are equipped with miniature OLED panels, but the real difference between them is still noticeable. This is manifested primarily because of the display frames. In the eighth generation, they are the smallest, which is why this particular model looks the most attractive. The SE 2's bezels are reminiscent of those of the Series 4, so they look pretty awkward in today's realities.


    Apple Watch SE 2022Apple Watch 2022 features, this is where the fun begins. And it will be rational to choose the best clock just based on the features you need. Let's start with SE 2 – the base representative of the series. It can offer the following interesting features:

    • Sleep analysis.
    • Compass and GPS.
    • Training modes.
    • Detect accidents and falls.
    • Altimeter.
    • Menstrual cycle tracking

    Series 8, as a full-fledged representative of the new generation, has received all the features that only Cupertino has to offer. In addition to the above features, Series 8 also boasts the following features:

    • Always-On display.
    • Track blood oxygen saturation.
    • ECG
    • Menstrual cycle tracking with historical ovulation markers.
    • A two-component thermometer that can detect ambient and body temperature.
    • Fast charging.

    Battery life

    The weak point of every Apple Watch, and so far, the brand has not been able to level it. However, this year saw the greatest progress in solving this problem thanks to the new Energy Saving Mode. It allows the gadget to turn off all secondary processes and extend the battery life twice. In this mode, Series 8 and SE 2 can operate for 36 hours instead of the declared 18. So, a cunning software solution managed partially to cover the shortcoming that developers have not been able to cope with for several years.


    Of the models we reviewed, the Apple Watch SE 2 is the main option. The line is just a new iteration of the original SE and has no differences apart from a new processor and more modern sensors. If you are looking for a budget offering, the SE 2 will be the perfect option for you. However, take a good look at the available offers because the original SE, although already discontinued, but they remain a good gadget and will be a little cheaper than the 2022 SE.

    Apple Watch Series 8 is almost the flagship this year. Again, we will evaluate the feasibility of the acquisition based on its closest ancestor, the Series 7. Does the new generation have so much to offer, so that Series 7 (or even Series 6 and Series 5) owners should be spending $400+ on a purchase? No. The Series 8 is a good gadget with many features, but it's only worth the money if you own the fourth or older generation, or have never had an Apple Watch before and want to start with the best.

    If you choose between these two models: here I can highlight the Apple SE 2022, due to their cost and characteristics, there are very few differences, but the price varies greatly. Here the choice is obvious towards the Apple SE 2.

    Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch Ultra

    Apple Watch Series 8 VS Apple Watch UltraComparison:


    Apple Watch Ultra Apple Watch Series 8
    Display OLED; 2000nit OLED; 1000nit
    Resolution 448×368 396×484
    Battery 542mAh 308mAh
    Bluetooth 5.3 5.3
    Waterproof WR100 WR50
    Processor S8 S8
    Prices $799 $399

    Detailed comparison of Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra


    The case of the Series 8 does not change the stylistic traditions of its predecessors and practically does not differ externally. Series 8 has several cases in different diameters and materials – these are 41 mm and 45 mm, and stainless steel and aluminum. Watch Ultra, introducing more features, received a much larger case to accommodate all the necessary sensors and top-end equipment, namely 49 mm. It is made of titanium, which has high endurance, but remains light and pleasant to look at. All models are waterproof, but while Series 8, Ultra can easily withstand 100, and only they comply with the military standard MIL-STD-810.


    The new Apple Watch Series has OLED panels, but with different bezel thicknesses. In the eighth generation, they are the smallest, which is why this particular model looks the most attractive. Ultra also has solid frames, which, however, due to the increased resistance of the case to shock and the need for additional screen protection. But at the same time, it has a brightness of 2000 nits, while its younger brother has 1000 nits.


    Apple Watch UltraThe new Apple Watch Ultra boasts some of the biggest new features yet, but it's fair to say that that most of the chips unique to this model are unlikely to be useful to people who do not connect their lives with diverse outdoor activities.

    • A control button that can be configured to perform a specific action.
    • Display brightness 2000 nits (8 only 1000).
    • Siren at 86 decibels
    • Dual-frequency GPS.
    • Narrow-tail applications.


    But one of the solutions to the problem was provided by Apple itself, introducing a power saving mode that will increase autonomy by 2 times. It allows the gadget to turn off all secondary processes and extend the battery life twice. In this mode, Series 8 can work 36 hours instead of the declared 18, and Ultra – 60 instead of 36.


    Apple Watch 8 — This is a stylish device that will suit everyone's style and will be an excellent accessory and assistant in some tasks. This gadget is more versatile, suitable as a gift. But if you are a happy owner of Series 5, 6, or 7, then I would not update the watch, at least because of the relevance of its predecessors.

    Apple Watch Ultra Series – a frank flirtation towards sports watches like Garmin, with their sturdy cases and various features. With one difference – an impeccable Retina display, which is so lacking in competitors. This bracelet has a lot to offer, but consider if you need everything. If you don't consider yourself an adventurer, and gladly exchange the expanses of mountains and the depths of the sea for the comfort of your home, choose the Series 8. However, if adventure always calls you, then Ultra will definitely be your reliable companion in each of them.

    When comparing Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Series 8, it all depends on your needs, Apple Watch Ultra is designed for extreme sportsmen and sportsmen. In turn, Series 8 was created for ordinary users. Your needs + price, aspects that influence the choice. If you're interested in the Ultra version, you can ask for our opinion on Apple Watch Ultra review.

    The functions of the Apple Watch Series 8

    Apple Watch Series 8 What does the Apple Watch 8 do:

    • Display application notifications, receive calls and SMS;
    • Timer and alarm;
    • Voice control;
    • Track your daily activity with activity rings;
    • Training control;
    • Pedometer and calorie counter;
    • Meditation program and Mindfulness feature included;
    • Measuring pulse, blood oxygen and ECG recording;
    • Display altitude above sea level;
    • Sleep quality tracking;
    • Control the player and camera on your smartphone;
    • Display photos and videos;
    • There is a built – in voice recorder and calculator;
    • Event calendar with notes;
    • The gadget shows the weather forecast;
    • Compass and Maps can be used;
    • A flashlight is installed;
    • Search iPhone;
    • Can be used as a walkie-talkie;
    • Allow you to pay for purchases;
    • Sends an SOS signal;
    • Tracks the menstrual cycle;
    • Monitors the quality of handwashing;
    • Measures body temperature;
    • Detects an accident and a fall of the user sends the coordinates.

    This device is smart, thereby opening up many opportunities for a person, which, in turn, makes life easier.

    Reason to upgrade

    If you have an Apple Watch newer than the 6th generation, it makes no sense to buy a new model at all. You will not notice the effect of something new. It is better to wait for Apple Watch 9. Some reasons to switch to a new model include:

    • Temperature sensor;
    • Improve other sensors;
    • New S8 processor;
    • Autonomy has been slightly increased.

    Final Verdict

    For the correct operation of all systems, the following sensors are installed: lighting and proximity, a compass, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope, an optical sensor for measuring heart rate. The percentage of oxygen in the blood, a pedometer, and an altimeter, as well as all the necessary list of navigation systems (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou).

    Who should buy Apple Watch Series 8

    Apple Watch Series 8 Price Purchasing a new Apple Watch is worth it for those who have Apple Watch 5 and older. I think it's better to save $500 and buy, for example, an iPad. If you are an Android user, then never buy an Apple Watch, many functions will not work. Or you can consider other options that we have identified as worthy competitors to the new device.

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