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An information portal, a source of honest reviews and a community of technology lovers.

We set out to convey to the masses the truth about smartphones with outlandish names and debunk the myths about the inability of craftsmen of small factories to create high-quality things. Soberly show the Chinese telephone industry as it really is – with price dumping, shameless borrowing of design, courage in the implementation of engineering ideas, working ahead of the curve and the ability to get nuggets from virtually nothing. And at the same time they decided to become a reliable relay of news, rumors, analysts from China in English. was not and will not be a typical commercial project. We do not write custom materials that expose devices in an exclusively positive light. We do not enter into secret agreements with vendors and do not lobby for certain products. Our main task is to tell readers about interesting events, phenomena, devices. With a certain amount of authorial subjectivity, but always truthful. And we never for a moment forget that the most valuable resource of is its readers.

Today, is a news feed with a unique content, regular text and video reviews of technology, a specialized platform for free private ads.

The site team is always open to ideas, wishes, and comments. Whether it's thoughts of what – something publications or a plan for cooperation – feel free to write to the editors! After all, we all have a stake in improving Project Topics! is an informational project. We do not sell any equipment and do not provide intermediary services when ordering equipment.

Hosted on the website, materials are the intellectual property of the project and are protected by copyright law. Any borrowing or direct citation of materials is possible only with the mention of the site as the source of such material with a link to the publication. We kindly ask readers to inform us about the facts of misuse of the materials of the site – we will take measures and strictly suppress unscrupulous competitors.