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Xiaomi TV 6 OLED Review

Xiaomi TV 6 OLED Review
25 March 2023

    Xiaomi TV 6 OLED is a new TV in the Xiaomi range that offers many interesting features: 4K OLED panel, excellent color reproduction, amazing all-metal body and so on. The device received many advantages, which we will discuss in our article. Here are the top 5 reasons to buy a Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED TV.


    Xiaomi TV 6 OLED 55 features a 4K OLED screen that has a higher contrast ratio than LCD TVs. In the dark parts of the image, the brightness of individual pixels is reduced to zero, so the picture, for example, the starry sky looks much more spectacular and pleasant. HDR images are as close to reality as possible. Xiaomi TV 6 OLEDCharacteristics:

    10-bit screen displays 1.07 billion colors with 98.5% DCI-P3 professional color gamut. Dolby Vision technology is responsible for high levels of brightness and contrast. Provides eye protection from blue light. From whatever angle you watch at the TV, you will see only a high-quality picture: the viewing angle is 178 degrees.


    The Xiaomi TV 6 OLED 55 has implemented many gaming features, so by connecting a set-top box to it, you will get the most out of the game. MEMC technology compensates for low frame count, optimizing image smoothness in real time. Thanks to this, the picture stabilizes and becomes more detailed.

    • The Flagship Cortex A55 (4 cores) processor with 3/32 GB of memory and support for dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 contributes to a decent level of performance. G52 MC1 is installed as a graphics chip. Guaranteed a fast response of 1ms, which allows you not to be distracted from the game and control your every action at decisive moments. A variety of connectors is also provided: HDMI x 3, USB x 2 and more.


    Xiaomi TV 6 OLED DesignThe TV has an all-metal body. OLED models are inherently lighter and thinner. The thickness of Mi TV 6 OLED 55 does not exceed 4.6 mm. The device in dark gray color goes well with any interior. The screen-to-body ratio reaches a record 97%. 55 inches is the best TV option in terms of size, features, and price. Xiaomi TV 6 OLED 55 can be installed on legs or hung on the wall.


    Good image quality is harmoniously complemented by a thoughtful sound system. The Mi TV 6 OLED 55 has 4 speakers that deliver balanced highs and minds. IMAX technology together with DTS make Mi TV 6 OLED 55 not just a TV in the living room, but a real home theater.


    The TV is equipped with an installed voice assistant that, even without using the remote control, will fulfill your wishes: it will find a movie, adjust the volume, check the weather and more. It can be used to control the smart home system. In this case, the TV acts as the center of the ecosystem and sets a specific scenario for several gadgets at once. For example, as soon as the smart door lock is opened, the light turns on in the hallway and the air conditioner is activated, while the TV turns on the news channel.

    Xiaomi TV 6 OLED 55 also offers a screen mirroring feature. A smartphone, tablet, or laptop is connected to a TV, and images from their display are projected onto a large 55-inch screen. You can view family archives of photos and videos, watch presentations and much more.
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