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Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro review

Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro review
30 December 2022

    Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro are new headphones for the global market. All the most advanced technologies are collected in these headphones. Latest LHDC 4.0 codec with bit rate up to 900 kbps. In addition, there are SBC and AAC. Responsible for the physical component are dual dynamic drivers with a diameter of 10 mm and DLC coating. There are also 3 modes of operation: transparency mode, normal, and noise reduction up to 40 decibels, there is still an adaptive mode. Wireless and fast charging is of course present. Waterproof IP55. The cost is about 140 dollars.


    The sound of the highest “studio” level is provided by several technical solutions.

    SoundSound technologies:

    • 10 mm dynamic drivers. 10 mm dynamic drivers with double neodymium magnets. They also have (high hardness DLC diaphragm), in simple terms, diamond-like carbon. As a result, this technology improves dynamic sensitivity. Resistance 32 Ohm. Physical features include an ultra-light CCAW coil for better detail and higher frequencies.
    • LHDC 4.0. These headphones are the first to support the latest LHDC 4.0 codec. This protocol provides bit rates up to 900 kbps. And the sampling rate of 96 kHz provides Hi-fi sound. Furthermore, available in 24bit. You can add a professional HRTF setting to the software chips, that is, a studio-level calibration standard. And the extreme feature is THD ≤ 0.08%, which is ultra-low end-to-end distortion.
    • Bluetooth 5.2. Bluetooth 5.2 allows you to move away from the connected device up to 200 m (only if the smartphone supports this version of the blue tooth) It also supports the Low-Energy standard, which significantly increases the autonomy of the device. Better sound quality than previous versions.
    • Dimensional Audio. Dimensional Audio is a 360° surround sound technology. The purpose of this technology is to create a 3D sound comparable to a movie theater. All the details of the composition will be reproduced in the places where the author intended to create the effect of 360° 3D audio.


    38mAh each earphone and 480mAh case.


    The autonomy of about 6 hours is declared by the manufacturer, this is true, but the case can give another 18 hours of autonomy. As a result, 24 hours of work without recharging. The case supports wireless and Type-C cable charging in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Note: “Depending on the noise reduction mode and volume, autonomy varies.”

    Noise Reduction:

    Up to 40dB top-level noise reduction can cut up to 99% of noise.

    Noise reductionNoise reduction:

    The new adaptive noise reduction technology will help you adjust the noise reduction mode depending on the situation and the surrounding noise.

    • Deep Noise Cancellation. Deep Noise Cancellation – in loud places, you can enjoy without distraction.
    • Balanced noise reduction. Balanced noise reduction – Immerse yourself in the Hi-fi world in moderately noisy environments.
    • Light noise reduction. Light Noise Reduction – Filters soft sounds like keyboard or mouse clicks to create a comfortable working aura.
    • Transparency mode. Transparency mode – listen to music and talk freely. The ability to hear surrounding sounds or the interlocutor while continuing to listen to music.

    Comparison with Galaxy Buds Pro


    Title Galaxy Buds Pro Xiaomi Buds 3T Pro
    Drivers 2 × 2 2×2
    Diameter 11 mm. And 6 mm. 10 mm. And 10 mm.
    ANC 25 dB 40 dB
    Codecs SBC; AAC. SBC; AAC; LHDC 4.0.
    Bluetooth 5.0 5.2
    Wireless Charging + +
    Waterproof IPX7 IP55
    Cost $260 $140


    1. Dual neodymium dynamic drivers with DLC.
    2. LHDC 4.0 codec and studio grade HRTF calibration provide Hi-fi sound.
    3. Dimensional audio 360° 3D technology.
    4. Deep noise reduction up to 40dB and adaptive mode switching.
    5. Autonomy up to 24 hours with a case.
    6. Wireless charging case from docking station and smartphone.
    7. IP55 waterproof, which is great.
    8. ANC call noise reduction thanks to 3 microphones.


    Summary: New headphones from Xiaomi, as always, the best, the use of the most modern technologies make these headphones the best.
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