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Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Review

Xiaomi Watch S1 Active Review
22 January 2023
    Wearable devices are becoming more and more popular, and as one of the leading manufacturers of smart gadgets, Xiaomi is constantly improving new models of smartwatches. The Chinese tech giant offers a wide range of devices at affordable prices. Watches from Xiaomi receive a lot of positive feedback around the world. They are, is more youth oriented.
    There are still few premium devices from Xiaomi on the sales market, so the company decided to release the Xiaomi Watch S1 smartwatch, which is positioned as a high-end gadget. Let's find out what this smartwatch has to offer its user.

    Design, screen, and controls

    All Xiaomi Watch S1 models use sapphire glass, which is highly durable. The wear resistance of this material is 1200 times higher than that of ordinary glass. Xiaomi Watch S1 Active reviewDesign:

    • AMOLED. The black version of the device comes with a black silicone strap, while the other two come with a brown or blue eco-leather strap. If necessary, the straps can be easily removed. The watch boasts good build quality. A round AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1. 43 inches received a resolution of 460 × 460 pixels. Image clarity reaches 326 PPI.
    • 60 Hz. The frame rate is 60 Hz. The elegant sapphire crystal display and textured case work together to give the watch a sophisticated look.
    • A quick command. The top one opens the menu with a short press and allows you to reboot the device with a long press.
    • Application. The bottom button opens a custom application (learning mode is set by default). There are 2 holes on the left and on the right, under which the microphone and speaker are hidden. They allow you to listen to music and even answer calls.
    • 5 ATM. A heart rate sensor is installed on the back of the case. The watch comes with, user manual, charging cable and wireless charger. The body of the gadget received water resistance according to the 5 ATM standard. Withstands immersion to a depth of 50 meters and a pressure of 5 atm. The watch can be used at air temperatures from -10 to +45 C.

    Easy to use and key features

    Before using the Xiaomi Watch S1, you need to connect it to the Xiaomi Wear mobile app. With it, you can set the dials, view health statistics, workouts and more. The device supports the installation of third-party applications. Xiaomi Watch S1 Active reviewCharacteristics:

    • Bluetooth. Thanks to Bluetooth, smartwatch can be synchronized with the headset and receive incoming calls from your smartphone. The gadget monitors the heart rate around the clock, monitors the quality of sleep, can measure the level of oxygen in the blood, and much more. There is a voice assistant.
    • Sport. Xiaomi Watch S1 supports 117 sports modes, 19 of them are professional. Most sports are covered, from rock climbing to running. During exercise, the device records the number of calories burned, distance traveled and other useful information for athletes. Together, they allow you to get the most accurate trajectory of the user's movement.


    The new watch has a 470 mAh battery. This means that the battery will be completely depleted in about 7–10 days. >Xiaomi Watch S1 Active battery If you want to extend the battery life of your watch, then some functions will have to be abandoned altogether or used periodically. In the best case, the autonomy of Xiaomi Watch S1 will reach 24 days. A powerful 10W charger provides fast charging of the gadget: 50% in just 30 minutes. It takes 2 hours to fully charge the battery.


    Xiaomi Watch S1 is an unusual smartwatch with its own exquisite style, which received a strict design and wide functionality. The device has a high build quality, numerous sports modes, thoughtful health monitoring system and good autonomy.

    Xiaomi Watch S1 Active batterySummary:

    1. The use of sapphire glass. Moreover, among the advantages of the device, it is worth noting the presence of speakers and a microphone, which allows you to listen to music and answer calls when you can’t get your phone.
    2. Of the shortcomings of the watch, it is worth noting only the focus on users from China: the interface is presented only in Chinese, and NFC only works in China. It is possible that in the future, the manufacturer will adapt the device to the global market.
    In general, Xiaomi Watch S1 leaves a good impression. This is the first Xiaomi smartwatch, belonging to the high-end category. Despite some shortcomings, the device deserves an excellent rating.

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