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Amazfit GTS 4 Review

Amazfit GTS 4 Review
25 January 2023

    The main problem with smartwatches today is that they have nothing to improve. The screen, battery life, sensors, moisture resistance, training modes – all this is pumped to the limit in the flagship models, and further refinements will simply not be noticed by most users. Even Apple, with its imagination and budget, failed to add any compelling features to Watch Series 8. The Amazfit GTS 4 watch we're talking about today is excellent in all respects. But have any features been added to them that can encourage buyers of last year's models to upgrade?

    Appearance and filling

    Understanding the variety of Amazfit watches is not so easy. It is logical to attribute our today's heroes to the top of the middle class of this brand. Because the rather peculiar Amazfit X model is considered the flagship, and the Amazfit Bip line belongs to the budget class. There is also a rather diverse line of sports watches, which include the expensive Amazfit T-Rex 2 and the extremely affordable Amazfit Neo.

    Strictly speaking, the division into sports and not very generally is not very logical because ALL Amazfit watches are trained to help in training. And non-sporty GTS 4 formally support more modes, than the extremely sporty T-Rex 2. In general, when choosing your option, you should pay attention not so much to the segmentation of the manufacturer itself, but to the characteristics of a particular model. The performance of the Amazfit GTS 4 is good. But first, I would like to note the ergonomics of the model. Before that, I felt any watch on my hand, and when I came home, I always took it off. Well, I don’t like weighting on my wrists, what can you do. And these are not felt at all. The watch itself weighs less than 25 grams, and with a strap, 27. Fluffy.

    Moreover, the body thickness is only 9. 4 mm allows you not to cling to different things for hours – from a sweater to door jambs (I constantly cling to the backpack strap in Apple Watch). And I sleep absolutely comfortably in them, whereas earlier the need to spend the night in hours for the test turned into flour. No, it's understandable that sleeping in a watch is a little strange, but the opportunity to learn more about the quality of sleep is worth it. Amazfit GTS 4 review Characteristics:

    • AMOLED. 1.75-inch (44.45 mm) AMOLED screen size at 390 × 450 pixels. This, for a moment, is 341 ppi, so clarity can be confidently called redundant. The glass of the screen is tempered, which gives hope for the strength of the structure. Haven't hit with a hammer, yet I'm afraid to put it under the tram, but I believe it.
    • Design. The case is aluminum on the sides and plastic on the back. Everything, like the Apple Watch. I think you have already noticed that the Amazfit GTS 4 looks a bit like an Apple Watch. Quite a bit, to the point of laughter In fact, of course, there are differences – for example, Apple's wheel is located on top, not in the center. However, all my friends were sure that I had the Apple Watch on my hand. But personally, I'm only interested in design from the point of view of convenience and pleasure for the eyes.
    • Charging. Traditionally, a two-pin magnetic head is responsible for charging. Not as elegant as Apple's, but not horror-horror either. Yes, and you will have to charge the GTS 4 infrequently (more on that below).
    • Water-resistant. 5ATM water-resistance is typical for most non-sporting Amazfit watches. Despite the declared 50 meters, this level of protection includes the ability to swim and wash in the shower. You can also dive, but for a couple of meters. And all because the meters in the description of the water resistance class have nothing to do with the depth of immersion. If you want to dive, look for models with at least 30 ATM. And it’s better to immediately 100. True, most likely, there will be absolutely no mind in this watch.
    • Microphone. The watch has a microphone and a speaker so that you can answer calls through them. Moreover, right from the watch, you can call a previously stored contact or even dial a number. It's not hard to imagine situations where this might be helpful.

    Biotracker 4.0 The BioTracker 4.0 PPG sensor is located on the back of the watch. As far as I understand, it's difference from the previous BioTracker 3. 0 lies in the reduced number of photodiodes. There are now four instead of six. The number of LEDs remained the same, two pieces. As far as I understand, this reduction has a positive effect on the energy efficiency of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, pulse and respiratory rate. On the other hand, BioTracker 3.0 is also announced in Amazfit bracelets, and it costs only … one photodiode. Mystery! They all know the same thing.

    Connection and software

    Amazfit GTS 4, like other watches of the brand, communicates with a smartphone through the Zepp application. Works well with an iPhone, but be prepared that data synchronization will occur only when the application is launched. Constant background interaction, as on Android, Apple does not allow. In general, it doesn't hurt to connect your watch to Wi-Fi because even there some shells like to choke background processes indiscriminately, even if you forbid them to do so. ZeppOS 2.0More info:

    • Setting up. Setting up is elementary, even a pensioner who is afraid of technology can handle it. The only thing, if you want to use the watch for talking and calling, you will need to pair it with your smartphone again. But it's also easy, thanks to the instructions that appear on the screen.
    • Zepp. The choice of dials is very decent. Even those that are already installed on the watch can satisfy most users. And there is also a warehouse of dials built into the Zepp application (at the time of this writing, 144 pieces), where you can choose sensibly and arrange. Many watch faces can be customized – in general, you will not get bored.
    • AmazFaces. I went to see what's in alternative watch face stores like AmazFaces. So for some reason they died. Either the developers are not up to it, or there is no demand. But, again, the official proposal is enough.
    • Always On. Of course, the watch supports Always On mode, and the situation with the display of simplified versions on the off-screen has greatly improved. The design is preserved, and even – sometimes colors. Returning to full mode when raising your hand is very fast and does not cause irritation, as in the old days.
    • Monitoring. Scrolling left and right you can get additional information about the pulse, weather, steps taken, etc. The watch also has two gigabytes of flash memory, where you can upload music and listen either through the built-in speaker (a perversion, of course, but it is quite loud), or through wireless headphones. So, you can go for runs and other workouts without a smartphone, so that nothing distracts from a healthy lifestyle.

    Autonomous Robot

    For example, if you literally live in hours without taking off at night and turn on Always On, then the charge will be enough for a working week. On Monday morning they took it off the charge, put it back on Friday evening. Amazfit GTS 4 ReviewAutonomy:

    • Working time. If you take off your watch when you come home, you can do 10–12 days without recharging. At night, the sensors work very intensively, and every night is 5- 7% battery.
    • GPS. Using GPS drains the battery very much: 5-7% per hour. So, after a good run or bike ride, it makes sense to recharge.
    • Always On. If you turn off all sensors and Always On, you can probably go a month. But it's not clear why then smartwatches are needed at all.
    • Workouts. I am a very … casual athlete, and I practically don’t go beyond the standard set of abs / squats / push-ups. There are still bike trips, but very irregularly. Nevertheless, even in such a simple mode, it can be interesting to see – what happens in the process with a pulse. For example, I found that he jumps the most on squats, which indicates the least readiness of the body for such a load. Therefore, you need to load it in this direction.
    • Journal. For more real athletes, there is, of course, expanse. And a workout log and graphics, and binding to the map, if required. There is voice acting in a pleasant female voice, but only in English. Apparently, to prepare for international competitions.
    • Notifications. And, of course, there is a standard set for non-athletic mortals. Message notifications (read only), the ability to answer any voice calls (via messengers, including), a compass, a timer, voice notes, a history of menstruation – everything is available. The vibrator is strong. In moderation.


    I liked the watch very much. Somehow everything about them is good. And the icing on the cake was the ability to set your vibration rhythm for different notifications. Literally, your own – by tapping on the smartphone screen. Then you sit at some meeting, and you feel – yeah, this letter has arrived, this is an SMS. Do not rush. But now someone is calling, it's better to look. Pleasantly, when developers pay attention even to such trifles. Amazfit GTS 4 ReviewEnd:

    So, warmly approving the release of Amazfit GTS 4, I remind you of the past and the year before last generation of watches of this brand, which for a smaller amount can satisfy and please no less. Well, I applaud those who, in this difficult time, do not even want to think about any compromises for economy.
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