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Huawei Band 7 Review

Huawei Band 7 Review
02 February 2023

    A handy assistant for sports training and health monitoring. Huawei Band 7 fitness bracelet is a weightless device with excellent autonomy, cute design and smartwatch functionality.

    Packaging and delivery

    A small cardboard box contains the bracelet itself with a strap, USB-A charging cable, user manual and warranty card.

    Design and Management

    The appearance of Huawei Band 7 is simple and concise. Touch AMOLED- a 1.47-inch display with a resolution of 194×368 pixels, a 10 mm thick case and a soft silicone strap, which in this version has convenient replacement levers – all this creates a light and thin silhouette. The bracelet fits comfortably on the hand and fits any style of clothing. Huawei Band 7 Design:

    • Weight. The bracelet weighs 50 grams, it is almost not felt on the hand. On the back side there are physiological sensors and contacts for charging.
    • Style. In general, the style and design is determined more by the selected watch face, the device serves as a thin frame for it and is neutral in itself.
    • Harmony OS 2.0. Works Huawei Band 7 running Harmony OS 2.0, updates and firmware are downloaded automatically after connecting to a smartphone.
    • Control button. On the right side there is a single control button: by pressing it from the main screen we get to the main menu, and from running applications – back to the main splash screen.
    • Management. The rest is controlled by swipes and taps on the touch screen. Everything is done logically and intuitively understandable even for a beginner.


    After a full charge, Huawei Band 7 can work from 10 to 14 days, depending on the intensity of use. On active testing per day, the bracelet lost a maximum of 12 percent of the charge, which generally confirms the manufacturer's data. But it is unlikely that an ordinary user will drive the device so hard in everyday life. Huawei Band 7 The speed of charging the bracelet from zero to one hundred percent is 65 minutes. The manufacturer claims that in the first five minutes of charging, the bracelet gains enough energy to last a day, and there is no reason for this not trust.

    Communicate with smartphone

    • Huawei Health. Immediately after turning on Huawei Band 7 for the first time, a QR code appears on the screen, which allows you to download the latest version of the Huawei Health app to your phone or update an existing one.
    • Huawei account. Pairing itself is fast and clear, the data is synchronized, and if you already had a Huawei account before, then all your previous sports achievements, awards, parameters, and statistics will appear in the new version of the application.
    • 4,000 watch faces. In the application, you can configure all the parameters of the bracelet, including the appearance – more than 4,000 watch faces are available, both paid and free.
    • Health. In the “Health” tab, you can view data on sports training, heart rate, sleep quality and duration, blood oxygen saturation level. Current stress level and more – the application has an advanced data analytics system, all results are interpreted and explained to the user in detail.


    Firstly, Huawei Band 7 is designed to control and analyze sports training. You can set yourself goals for a period from a day to a year, upon reaching which the bracelet will reward you for your success by animating medals on the screen. If, say, you lie down on the sofa with a book and get carried away, in an hour Huawei Band 7 will vibrate on your hand and remind you that you need to get up and move occasionally. Huawei Band 7 ReviewWorkouts:

    • 96 sports workouts. 96 sports workouts can be tracked on the bracelet, from running and walking to curling, karate, or swimming. By the way, water resistance of Huawei Band 7 is 5 atmospheres, but the manufacturer recommends diving at a depth of up to 30 meters. This is logical – although 5 atmospheres corresponds to a pressure of 50 meters of water column, but strokes during active diving can create peak loads that exceed the declared water resistance.
    • Application. All data about training duration, distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned will be transferred to the application, analyzed and saved.
    • Your health status. Your health status is also monitored by the bracelet in real time. Data from the heart rate monitor and oximeter, information about the level of stress, the quality, and duration of sleep with a full layout by phases. You can view all this at any time in the form of numbers, graphs or read a text interpretation.
    • For girls. For girls, there is a cycle calendar with a fertility window. With the Health Living feature, Huawei Health helps you lead a healthy lifestyle based on how much water you drink per day, how many calories you eat, and even how many smiles you need to capture with your smartphone's camera.
    • Sports and medical functions. But it would be strange if such a convenient device performed only sports and medical functions, neglecting the rest of the possibilities provided by communication with a smartphone.
    • Find my phone. The very handy Find My Phone button beeps on your smartphone. It is useful if the phone is in some pocket, and go and remember which one. Moreover, it is the bracelet that can cause such a situation, since the smartphone becomes and is not really needed. All notifications come to Huawei Band 7, you can view them, delete them, and even reply briefly.
    • Calls. If you have a wireless headset connected, you can answer or reject the call. Easily manage music on your phone – all functions of a standard player are supported by a bracelet.
    • Stopwatch. In addition, there is a stopwatch, a timer, weather information and a vibration alarm.
    • Always on display. Huawei Band 7 also has a full-fledged AOD function – always on display. In the main menu of the bracelet, it is called “Screen Saver”, but in fact it is AOD – the current time is constantly displayed on the screen. True, you need to understand that in this mode of operation, the battery will be discharged twice as fast as usual.
    • AOD. The number of watch faces for AOD is not giant yet, and they are sewn directly into the bracelet, so they cannot be changed. But let's hope that the latest updates will improve this situation.


    Huawei Band 7 fitness bracelet is a multifunctional and useful device. It is not felt on the hand while bringing a huge amount of convenience to the user's life. Fitness bracelet will be a very useful addition to your smartphone and a good incentive to a healthy lifestyle. And for those who are already involved in sports, this is just a necessary thing.
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